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Antonio Brown’s First Super Bowl Victory

Antonio Brown won his first Super Bowl yesterday playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This wasn’t his first Super Bowl Appearance, Brown played at Super Bowl XLV for the Pittsburg Steelers in 2011. His appearance at Super Bowl LV was a painful sight for many, because of his sexual assault allegations.

Antonio Brown Accused of Rape

Antonio Brown has been accused of sexual assault twice. In 2019, Brown was accused of sexual assault by Britney Taylor. Taylor was Brown’s trainer at the time. A few days after these allegations another woman accused Brown of sexual misconduct. He was dropped from the New England Patriots after sending an intimidating text to one of his accusers. Brown’s sexual assault and misconduct allegations lawsuit won’t go into trial till late 2021. These allegations didn’t prevent him from playing in the NFL.

Super Bowl LV Appearance

This was the first Super Bowl Brown has played in a decade. Brown was previously injured and did not play in the NFC championship game. However, he was able to play in the Super Bowl. In the Super Bowl Antonio Brown scored the third touchdown of the game at the end of the first half. Even though he scored a touchdown many people still criticized him because of his sexual assault allegations.

Kurt Streeter who is a writer for The New York Times wrote an article that criticizes Tampa Bay for letting Antonio Brown play in Super Bowl LV. Streeter said, “The team also chose to look past the #MeToo movement and its fundamental lesson: Women with stories of pain, and powerlessness in their dealings with famous men, should be heard and taken seriously.”

Streeter criticized the Buccaneers for looking beyond the #MetToo movement and ignoring that Antonio Brown has allegedly sexually assaulted women. Many others have criticized Tampa Bay for letting him play on their team. His trial for his sexual assault allegations isn’t till later this year, there is no way to determine if he is guilty or not.

Antonio Brown Grateful for Super Bowl Win

Ever since these allegations came out, Brown has been at his lowest in his career. He was dropped from the Patriots and considering retiring. This victory at the Super Bowl was a major win for Brown. Brown said in a post-game interview, “I’m just grateful to be at this point right here and to finally be a champion.”

Antonio Brown has every right to be grateful for his Super Bowl Victory. The Super Bowl is the biggest event in sports and only a handful of people can win it per year.

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