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Article by Marc A. Spallino. Carlos Beltran is returning to the Mets and will be put into the starting lineup more often than not. Question is however, will his return have a positive or negative affect on the teams chemistry?


This article was written by Double G Sports contributing writer Marc A. Spallino.

Say what you will about the New York Mets, but one thing you cannot say this 2010 season is that this team does not have great chemistry. Whether it’s Angel Pagan giving a pie in the face, Jose Reyes patting Josh Thole on the head, or the way this team has not quit, even when down by seven runs or more. One thing is for sure, this team seems to get along great. Whether you want to give manager Jerry Manuel the credit for it or not, that remains a whole other story for another time.

One thing Mets fans are worried about seems to be the return of all star outfielder Carlos Beltran. I know it seems crazy to be worried and not excited but how will his return affect the team chemistry? That remains to be seen. The main issue seems to be about playing time in the outfield. How exactly Jerry Manuel will manage remains to be seen. Many fans including myself think it would be unfair to stick Beltran back into centerfield every day with the way Angel Pagan has played and also contributed to the great chemistry this team has right now. Another good argument for Pagan to keep getting playing time is that it will help ease Beltran back into center field.

Angel Pagan and Jeff Francoeur are both team players with good attitudes and I can’t see either of them getting upset about playing time. The bigger problem for Jerry Manuel will be the task of making sure all the outfielders get enough work in order to stay fresh and on top of their game. Personally I feel Jerry has got to play who is hot at the moment if this team wants to have a shot at a playoff run.

Most likely Angel Pagan’s playing time will come from Jeff Francoeur in right field and also from Beltran in center while he is getting back into the swing of things. Some would also make the argument about taking some time away from Jason Bay. But would the Mets do that to a guy who is making $80 million over 5 years? Most doubtfully.

To say the least, it seems as if Jerry Manuel and the New York Mets will have some high class problems to deal with once Carlos Beltran is finished with his rehab assignments. Beltran is expected to join the Mets in San Francisco after the All Star break. It should definitely be an interesting second half to the 2010 season.

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