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This week is a somber Bump N’ Run column. We are here to remember the memory that is the Giants’ Super Bowl hopes that many were predicting this season. Let’s start the procession that is the New York Football Giants season.

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Giants Lay Egg in Dallas On Sunday Night

Everyone knew that Odell Beckham Jr. would not play against the Cowboys, even though the Giants were stating that he was questionable. Instead of game planning for OBJ’s absence, the Giants did not show up at Cowboys Stadium to the tune of a 19-3 loss to the Cowboys. New York gained just 35 yards rushing and 233 yards of total offense in the entire game. The defense, the strength of the team, was on the field for over 34 minutes. It was a complete debacle for the New York Giants.

There is so much blame to go around for this defeat. You have the offensive line that was predictably bad. Your quarterback could be Tom Brady but with just three seconds to throw the ball, even Brady cannot get into a rhythm. Blame the play calling, which now consists of shallow slants and crossing routes with no intention of ever throwing the ball more than 15 yards downfield. Blame Paul Perkins, who after having a good tail end of last season, was a shell of himself tiptoeing around the line of scrimmage like a scared cat afraid of a vacuum.

There is much blame to go around, but that ends now. The Giants play the Detroit Lions on Monday night, and they need to win this game. Here’s hoping that Big Blue game plan and try some different things on Monday. If not, they will be staring down the barrel of a 0-2 start.

Jets Lose….Are We Surprised?

The only positive to come from the Jets’ opening day loss to the Buffalo Bills was the play of the young safeties Marcus Maye and Jamal Adams. Other than that, god bless Jets’ fans.

Josh McCown managed the game well (I guess), but when put into positions to push the offense downfield late, he folded. The running game is non-existent as Matt Forte seemed to age before my very eyes on Sunday. Add in the fact that the Jets have no credible wide receivers, and no I do not count Jermaine Kearse as credible.

You can not in your right mind begin to question whether Todd Bowles should keep his job after watching the Jets’ game on Sunday. They gutted the roster, left him with virtually an FCS college team with a backup quarterback who transferred from major FBS school. It is essentially the movie “Unnecessary Roughness”, minus the happy ending and Robert Loggia.

When the season started, I said five wins for the New York Jets. I am beginning to rethink that prediction after watching Sunday’s game.

Moving The Chains

  • Opening weekend in the NFL and a ton of injuries to start the season. Is it because of relaxed practice rules during the offseason? Is it because of the four-game preseason? Whatever it is, the NFL and the NFLPA need to figure it out.
  • Why didn’t Bill O’Brien start Deshaun Watson from day one with the Texans? Tom Savage impressed that much during the preseason that he beat out Watson? Difficult to believe.
  • So who saw Ohio State getting smoked by Oklahoma? I am pretty sure no one. After their “win” against Indiana and now this, the Buckeyes may be done two games into the college football season.

(Photo by Catalina Fragoso – Double G Media)

  • Over the years I have written numerous articles about Rutgers not belonging in the Big Ten conference. Their 16-13 loss at home to Eastern Michigan on Saturday cemented my feelings about the Scarlet Knights football program. Monmouth has sped past Rutgers when it comes to football at this point.
  • Finally, the show of solidarity with the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland law enforcement was a great sight to see on Sunday. With that said, that should not take away from the fact that Colin Kaepernick voiced his opinion and still does not have a job in the NFL. However, Geno Smith is the Giants’ backup quarterback. Just saying.

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