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Charles Oakley and the Moore-Trainer (sounds like a fairytale :D )

photo-300x224Charles Oakley, retired NBA power forward, who split his NBA time between six teams, with his ten year tenure as a New York Knick from1988 all the way through the 1998 season representing his longest stay with one team, has still kept his passion for athletics at the forefront of his post-playing days.

Oakley has teamed up with good friend Barbara Graffeo to form the all-encompassing development duo for Moore-Trainer resistance bands.  Graffeo has been focusing on the everyday gym rat, as well as people who don’t usually go to the gym for whatever reason, but they want to stay fit and healthy. Oakley has taken the more athletic approach, and has professional athletes in his network use the bands as a means of performance improvement.

Both have seen results.

These bands provide an equal distribution of the resistance weight over the entire muscle (yes, you can change the strength of the band depending on your ability with a range of 15-70 lbs.) As of right now the placement on the athletes body of these bands is around the mid-thigh. You can attach the bands securely by wearing the pants (which have Velcro adhesives) or use the individual Velcro adhesives, which rest above the knee. These bands double the value of your workout, as well as having shown improvement on an athlete’s vertical and forty-yard sprint time.

Let me tell you, these bands stay in place, and really work. Having them on for a half an hour, while walking around the office, with the occasional squat session with Charles, I was feeling it. I took them off and my legs felt light as a feather. I knew that means something was going on under there!

“It’s really amazing that you don’t need to have that whole gym with the free weights around. Were always in the back co developing new, and extra things that will be coming out with Moore-Trainer,” Graffeo explained.  “ All my girlfriends, everyone I work out with, they say how much better they feel their posture has been. I know that I stand a lot taller, and, my core is stronger! And the greatest thing is that there is no pressure on your back when you are working out. It’s almost like I get this spring every time I am doing my workout.” Graffeo gives her personal testimony about using the product, and why all her friends have started to use the bands, and why people who haven’t started, should start.

Oakley uses these bands to help train others, but he can’t forget about himself! “The bands really keep you going, it will make you walk more.” With others he will do drills like “basic running, slides, stuff to help them with their game, jumping. I know some baseball guys, ya know I don’t work them out, but I give them a set, and they like it.”

There are different drills that can be done with the bands. Oakley adds, “ You can do sprints in them. When you take them off, your legs feel like, WOW. They feel just so much smoother.”

Oakley is a wise businessman, he takes the hands on approach, if his name is on it, he is involved. He owns two car washes in NY and a steak house in Miami. The Moore-Trainer bands are his current venture, aside from pondering about developing a cooking show, he definitely is one to cook. As a side note, he doesn’t discriminate on dishes, he is a fan of cooking everything!

The Moore-Trainer is currently being developed, and a new product should be in the athletic consumers’ hands soon. Stay tuned!

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