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Noah Syndergaard will return to Mets for one inning on Saturday

Is Syndergaard actually ready to return, or is this a premature decision?

Mets fans were wondering if they would ever see Noah Syndergaard again. “Thor” has been on the DL since April with a right lat tear, an injury that was controversial to begin with. While a timetable wasn’t certain, Syndergaard was trying his hardest to come back before the season ended. Now, the Mets have made a move that answered his request, while also confusing many. It’s a move that will be debated about if it doesn’t work out well.

The Mets announced earlier today that Syndergaard would return for one inning on Saturday’s ( September 23) game against the Nationals. It will be a home game, with fireworks night as the now second main attraction. Matt Harvey will take over after Noah’s lone inning. This comes after Jacob deGrom’s start was skipped after an upset stomach.

General Manager Sandy Alderson spoke to regarding the decision to allow Syndergaard to come off the DL. He stated:

“This rehab process is both physical and mental. Our doctors have said that based on Noah’s feedback, he feels good physically. We just want to get him back on the mound if for only a moment … so that he’s back out there, he’s re-familiarized with the circumstances … and he goes into the offseason with that little bit of additional confidence.”

If everything goes according to plan, Syndergaard could end up pitching a few more outings before the season is over. Manager Terry Collins was elated to hear the news, and not his normal, worrisome self. That is an interesting take on one of the teams prized pitchers making an unexpected start.

This decision is a huge risk, even if Noah says he feels fine. Prior to heading on the DL, Noah Syndergaard was 1-2 with a 3.29 ERA in five starts. It is unsure how he will do even by throwing a few pitches. While he wants to prove his worth, this business decision by a team who has been scarred by previous ones may not end well.

As for Matt Harvey, the Mets continue to have confidence that “The Dark Knight” will improve since his last few outings. This is a huge test for both men. Unfortunately, many are expecting this to fail. Why risk everything for one small moment? Only the Mets can answer that question.

In a season full of disappointing moments, the Mets are looking to wipe the slate a little bit with this move. It will either be a happy moment for a player fans love, or the saddest moment that will affect said players’ future. For the passionate fans, it’s just another day of New York Mets baseball.

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