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Dark Cloud Following MLB Exposed Again as Dee Gordon Tests Positive for PED’s




News broke earlier Friday morning that Miami Marlins infielder Dee Gordon testing positive for not just one but two performance enhancers in his system during spring training. Gordon had both exogenous Testosterone and Clostebol in his system. He was suspended for 80 games but was appealing the suspension until Thursday when he dropped his appeal and agreed to serve his suspension.

Gordon signed a contract extension this January with the Miami Marlins for five years/$50 million. Even though Gordon denied willingly taking PED’s, it is extremely hard to believe his defense. What is even harder to understand is why Gordon would be using Testosterone after signing a guaranteed contract?

Disappointing to see, especially from a guy who has a flourishing resume. He won the 2015 Silver Slugger Award, 2015 NL batting champion, lead the MLB in stolen bases for two years, and was so beloved by fans that he was voted on to the 2014 and 2015 all-star team. Not only is this a huge disappointment to fans but also you have to feel for the runners up who have never tested positive for steroids but also had these honors robbed from them.

Detroit Tiger’s ace Justin Verlander said it best in a tweet he sent out last night, “This PED shit is killing me.  If u test positive u need to not play.  You shouldn’t be allowed to effect games while appealing.”

The MLB’s drug policy is the best in Major League sports. If you test positive the odds of it being a mistake are slim to none.

Why are so many athletes caught using in baseball?

For one, understand that MLB has the best drug testing policy in all of professional sports. If all sports tested as often as Major League Baseball did the odds of catching guys goes up. Also, with baseball these contracts are becoming HUGE! This off-season, writers were discussing who would be the first guy to sign a $300 million deal! That figure is insane; why not risk getting a slap on the wrist for a huge payout.

Even though this theory does not apply to the Dee Gordon situation it does apply for most of those caught using.  The players association should be fed up with defending guys that lie to them and to their peers about using performance enhancers. They are altering history. That is the big issues I have with it. Bryce Harper would have taken the batting title in 2015 if Dee Gordon was not using PED’s. That is an argument Gordon himself cannot defend because he lost all credibility as an athlete.

Even though the news of Dee Gordon using PED’s shocked most of the baseball world, it yet again exposes the dark cloud following Major League Baseball.

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