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Before he deals with USADA, CSAC fines Jon Jones and revokes his license

One of the most polarizing athletes in MMA history, Jon Jones is not done yet after dealing with the CSAC

It has been an uphill battle for Jon Jones. Since failing an in-competition drug dest after testing positive for the steroid Turinabol, his fight against Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 was deemed a no-contest, and he was no longer considered the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Jones believes he is innocent, and the first step in proving that was going through the California State Athletic Commission this past Tuesday. His path reached a bumpy road, as he was fined $205,000 and had his MMA license revoked.

The Jon Jones (22-1, 1 NC) hearing went three hours, and what a wild turn of events it was. Six commissioners went through the case with Jones and his representatives. The entire scene was interesting, as Jones couldn’t provide any reasonable proof that he did not knowingly put the steroid in his system, except for tests from medications and creams that came back in his favor.

“I have no clue how this happened. I’m just trying to figure it out, just like everybody else.”

When it was time for cross examinations with Jones however, it became a whole new case.

Jones’ history is well known, from his hit-and-run to his previous suspension prior to UFC 200. The commissioners in charge, specifically Martha Shen-Uriquidez, were very clear in pointing this out, in a way to show his recklessness outside of the octagon. While it may appear unrelated, the commissioners were straight to the point in trying to connect the dots to convince Jones why it’s hard to convince them. It did not help his cause when speaking to them at certain points. For example, he admitted that he never completed USADA’s anti-doping tutorials in 2015. The main issue there was he stated he did, twice, but he instead had his team view it over and forge his signature.

While the battle seemed like it was over, it’s only just begun. Jones can re-apply for a CSAC license after a year. He must show “evidence of rehabilitation” and if they do not see an improvement in his character or his case, they can deny the license. This can also be determined at the conclusion of his USADA case. A date has not been determined for that hearing. His revoked license is expected to expire on August 28.

The rest is up to USADA. Jones was already suspended one year due to the UFC 200 fiasco. He can get a longer sentence considering the circumstances, especially the news that was recently uncovered by Jones himself. The rumored punishment would be a four-year suspension.

His only statement after the case being a tweet, Jones portrayed gratitude to the commissioners for hearing his case. He pointed out official Andy Foster, who while sided with the others, wanted to believe him and see him in the cage again. A break, Foster stated, might be the right call. While he doesn’t want to see him lose his career, he truly believes Jones must prove himself. Foster’s last words before the hearing ended to Jones were somewhat comforting, stating:

“I think we should revoke his license. That’s what my recommendation is. I don’t think Mr. Jones gets to be a professional mixed martial artist right now. That’s what I believe. Let him deal with USADA, let USADA give their discipline, whatever it’s going to be. When that’s completed, I would be inclined to support Mr. Jones’s application to return to this commission and get his license back.”

One of the greatest MMA fighters of all time, and at age 30, Jon Jones has had a whirlwind of a career. He’s had his highs and lows. It has been the latter which has changed many minds regarding his character. A recommendation was to find a new setting, maybe even a new team.

While he truly believes himself as a role model and attempts to get his life together, Jones has a long way to go to prove that to USADA, the CSAC and even himself. As he faces the unknown, one can only wonder what is going through the mind of Jon “Bones” Jones. One can also wonder, “what if?” The next few months (or whenever USADA decides the hearing will be) should be a fascinating ride full of emotions. For Jon Jones, it’s become a daily part of his reality.

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