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Fresh Eats and New Treats: New Ballpark Food Set In New York

New York Yankees

New York Yankees

Baseball is America’s Pastime. Everyone loves to head out to the ballpark with their family and friends and watch their hero take the field. It is no surprise that the game of baseball is evolving. Like it or not, bat flips, showboating and rule changes hare are all becoming a part of the game.

But baseball on the field is not the only thing that is changing.

On Thursday, the New York Yankees announced the addition of 11 new food items including a “Tape Measure” cheesesteak, a two-foot cheesesteak topped with your choice of white American cheese or Cheez Whiz and served on a classic hoagie roll baked fresh daily.

The complete food list is as follows:

Ø  “G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) Burger” features custom blended-beef, topped with crispy bacon, pastrami, American cheese and “G.O.A.T.” sauce.

Ø  “Barnyard Wedding” features custom-blend beef, crispy fried chicken cutlet, shredded potato hash browns, BBQ sauce and aged cheddar cheese on a toasted bun.

Ø  “Double-Double” is a Double Grilled Cheese – Double Burger Melt, featuring two custom-blend beef burgers, onion rings, American cheese and buns made from a pair of grilled cheese sandwiches featuring Boar’s Head cheese. Finishing this off is a two-person job.

 “Classy Pig” is a shaved roasted pork sandwich, featuring Italian-Style marinated pork, stuffed with broccoli rabe and topped with cherry pepper mayo and provolone cheese (N.Y. Grill Stand at Sect. 121).

“The Big Cheese” Grilled Cheese Stand features a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches made with premium, artisan and local cheeses from Boar’s Head. Options include “Brisket and Bacon,” “French Onion” (pictured here) & the “Classic Four-Cheese” (Sects. 107, 227).

Signature Chicken Fingers: Classic Stadium chicken fingers are tossed in your choice of three unique sauces created by Legends chefs to bring out the best in a family favorite. New flavors include maple bourbon bacon, Thai chili, and spicy buffalo (sold throughout the Stadium).

Jumbo Souvenir Ice Cream Sundae Helmet: Served in a souvenir Yankees helmet, it’s the perfect dessert to share. Large scoops of creamy, premium Turkey Hill ice cream are topped with hot fudge, fresh whipped cream and more. Fans may choose from multiple flavors of ice cream (Turkey Hill Ice Cream Stand at Sect. 125).

Souvenir Classic French Fries Helmet Cup: A souvenir helmet is filled with the Stadium’s classic fries, which are made from farm-fresh potatoes and cooked to the perfect crispness and texture (Available at all locations that French fries are sold).

Cheesesteak and Chicken-Cheesesteak Bowls: A pile of cheesesteak meat infused with white American or Cheez Whiz, covered with lettuce and tomato. Onions and/or hot or sweet peppers are available upon request (Carl’s Steaks at Sect. 107).

Jim Beam Chicken Sandwich:  Crispy chicken cutlet, Swiss cheese, pickles and honey mustard with a Jim Beam-flavored BBQ sauce (Jim Beam Suite Lounge).

Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas: (Tacos and Empanadas Cart at Sect. 321).

The Yankees have also added five new food and drink locations throughout the stadium including the following:

The Pepsi Food Court is where fans can find the latest and greatest specialty cocktails, frozen drinks, craft beer, premium drafts and Stadium-made cask-aged cocktails (ex: Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Negroni and others). – (Located at Sect. 126)

“The Big Cheese” Grilled Cheese Stand features a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches made with premium, artisan and local cheeses (including Boar’s Head). Styles include “Brisket and Bacon,” “French Onion” and the “Classic Four-Cheese” (Located at Sects. 107 & 227).

Hale and Hearty Soups will offer a rotating menu of soups throughout the season, including a classic chicken noodle, chili mac & cheese, “broken” lasagna, tomato cheddar (gluten-free), sweet-corn chowder (gluten-free), three-lentil chili (vegetarian and gluten- free), and a variety of cold summer soups (Located in the Pepsi Food Court at Sect. 126).

Linda’s Brooklyn-Style Egg Creams makes them just like they did in the old days (Sect. 202 in the Bleachers).

Weigh Station is a market-style concept that allows fans to customize their food experience. Selections will vary from game to game, and fans will be able to enjoy a diverse international selection of food, including items such as Southern-style BBQ ribs, Buffalo chicken wings, bubbling mac and cheese, Chinese lo mein or veggie fried rice. (Located in Sect. 223).

Yankee Stadium opens its doors on Monday, April 4 when the Yankees take the field against the Houston Astros at 1 P.M. It is safe to say that Yankees fans will be able to buy plenty more than some peanuts and crackerjacks.

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