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NFL Legend Drew Brees Takes on a New Hobby After Retirement

Drew Brees Tries eFoiling:

Drew Brees has been playing for the NFL since 2001 when he was drafted for the San Diego Chargers. At age 42 he is now retired and has plenty of time to try something new. There is a new sport on the rise that is pretty extreme, it is called eFoiling.

eFoiling was created by David Trewern who lives in Australia. He has been surfing and windsurfing his entire life, and he has created the best eFoiling product on the market right now. There are several different models that you can choose from, the Fliteboard, Fliteboard PRO, Fliteboard Ultra, and Fliteboard Air. The boards can be pretty pricey, however, with prices up to $4,000 t0 $12,000.

eFoiling is a new sport that is directed towards people who surf. It is a surfboard that can fly above the surface of the water and it flows from a hydrofoil. Above the wing of the hydrofoil, there is an electric propeller, so the board can ride through any kind of water. Surfers won’t need any waves to ride the board.

Drew Brees describes the sport as a “cross between surfing and flying.” Drew admits he was scared to retire because football has given him something to do for so many years, but now the football player is free to do whatever he wants. He wanted to find something that could pass the time, and he found the perfect hobby.


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