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In a move that could greatly benefit both sides, Impact Wrestling announced they have agreed to a business deal with Japanese promotion Pro Wrestling NOAH. The promotions are already setting things into motion with Impact wrestlers competing at NOAH’s Yokohama event on March 12th.

Japan made the announcement earlier this week, and Impact Wrestling posted the agreement on their website. In their version of the announcement, Impact Wrestling stated:

“We look forward to making a formal announcement soon in Tokyo and seeing IMPACT Stars compete at NOAH’s Yokohama event on March 12. We are thrilled to build this relationship even further with more details to come.”

Impact Wrestling has a history of working with other promotions. Over the years they have collaborated with companies like Ring of Honor, Mexico’s CMLL and New Japan Pro Wresting. The same could be said for NOAH, recently working with New Japan Pro Wrestling. The latter’s Suzuki-gun stable spent many years in NOAH, before the group was brought back over after reports of the relationship between both companies turning “extremely sour”. 

While the rosters on both sides may seem small compared to other companies, combining them could be a game-changer. Imagine Japanese stars getting mixed into the no-limits X Division. Both companies tag team divisions are filled with talent just waiting to square off. The possibilities are endless.

Both companies have been going through major changes over the past few months. NOAH was sold to Japanese IT company Estbee, changing its name to NOAH Global Entertainment. As previously reported, Anthem Sports made an announcement in January that they acquired a majority interest in Impact Wrestling. With everything going on, more changes seemed necessary, and the partnership appears to be a step in the right direction for Impact Wrestling and NOAH.

A formal announcement discussing all of the details has not been produced as of this moment.

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