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Keith Hernandez will replace Pete Rose on FOX Postseason Programs

Veteran Mets broadcaster and baseball legend Keith Hernandez will have a new job for the 2017 postseason

For years, Keith Hernandez has brought a unique approach to commentary for Mets broadcasts. His knowledge of the game made him perfect for the role, and his bluntness made for some entertaining TV. That’s especially true if the Mets were having a subpar season. Now, Keith will be sharing his talents to the world. Sports Illustrated reported that Keith will replace Pete Rose on FOX Sports’ MLB Postseason coverage.

Rumors began swirling after yesterday’s end to the MLB season when Keith and Gary Cohen exchanged an interesting conversation before signing off. Was he leaving SNY? Was he going to become a coach? It became known that neither of those are happening, although the latter opportunity wouldn’t be so bad. Keith will be joining a familiar face in Kevin Burkhardt, along with Alex Rodriguez, Frank Thomas and newly signed David Ortiz.

Pete Rose was a prominent member of the FS1 crew before getting dismissed in August due to sexual assault allegations from years ago. While it’s a quick transition, Mets fans know Keith Hernandez can handle anything under pressure.

An 11x Gold Glove winner, Keith was a big part of the 1986 World Series-winning Mets. He also had a pretty good career as a member of the Cardinals. Joining SNY in 2006, Keith became your best friend while you were on the couch, and he has not changed. You can always tell when he was having fun, or when he dreaded being at any of the extra inning games the Mets had. That’s what fans love about Keith; he’s one of them.


It is no surprise that (according to New Yorkers) the Mets have the best commentary team in baseball. Gary lives and breathes the Mets and could go down as an all-time great. Ron Darling was the first of the trio to get an opportunity like this, becoming an analyst and commentator for the National League games on TBS. Keith will be calling all the action on the American League side of things. FS1 will air the ALDS game between the Indians and the winner of the Twins v. Yankees Wild Card game on Thursday. He will also be able to call the ALCS, and may be available for World Series coverage.

FS1 has the best commentary team for postseason baseball, and adding Keith Hernandez to it is a big win. Ready or not, here Keith comes.

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