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Marshon Brooks: The man who will bring basketball back to Jersey?

Marshon Brooks: 6’5”, 195 with a record breaking 7’1” wingspan and a better vertical leap, ¾ court sprint, and in lane agility than the Nets previous three picks, Terrence Williams, Damion James, and Derek Favors. It is clear just by looking at Brooks that he is an athlete, but last night Brooks also proved himself as a well rounded basketball player, and even more than that, a scorer of which the Nets have been desperate for.

For the past week, Marshon Brooks has been inviting Nets fans out to watch him play in a Nike Pro-City tournament.  For those who went out to watch, Brooks put on a show.  Brooks impressed all spectators, dropping 48 points and looking like the clear star on the court.  Although it wasn’t against the NBA elite, Brooks was matched up against notable NBA players Jamario Moon(25 points) and John Lucas III(28 points).   Brooks wowed the crowd with his ability to create his own shot and his incredible competitiveness.  Brooks played 110% the entire game and was swamped by fans afterwards looking for autographs.

Brooks was the 25th overall draft pick in 2011 by the Boston Celtics and was traded to the Nets shortly after for 27th overall pick JaJuan Johnson, along with a second round pick in 2014.  Brooks played college basketball for the Providence Friars, where he had an incredible senior season.  Brooks was second leading scorer in the nation averaging 24.6 points per game and was one of 20 finalists for the 2011 John R. Wooden Award.  Brooks most notable college game came on February 23, 2011 against Notre Dame, when Brooks scored 52 points on 20 of 28 shooting.  He tied the Providence school record and broke the Big East record for points in a game.

With the lockout in the NBA and players like Sasha Vujacic playing overseas for this season, Coach Avery Johnson and the Nets, who currently only have one other shooting guard(Anthony Morrow) on the roster, are looking for Brooks to stay in shape in the off-season and come ready to play when the lockout ends.  The Nets are hoping Brooks will continue to improve and be the dynamic star that will help rebuild the franchise in what is to be their final year in New Jersey.  Nets fans finally have something to look forward to when the lockout ends(which is hopefully sooner rather than later), when they get to see Deron Williams and Marshon Brooks in the backcourt.  Nets fans get ready, Marshon Brooks is the future of Nets basketball.

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