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Mets make major internal changes by letting go of trainer Ray Ramirez, pitching coach Dan Warthen

Along with Terry Collins, several members of the Mets coaching staff will not be in the dugout next season

It’s not even Spring yet, but the Mets are getting some cleaning done. In a press release, the Mets announced that they have made some huge internal moves for the team moving forward. Some of these decisions will make fans happy while others may disappoint them.

Let’s break it all down:

It was already reported that Terry Collins will be moving from the managers spot to a special assistant role to GM Sandy Alderson. It appears that pitching coach Dan Warthen will be joining him behind the scenes. Managing the teams pitchers since 2008, Warthen was offered an unknown role within the organization. When injuries did not affect the pitchers on the Mets, they were sometimes pitching out of this world. Some of the credit can go to Dan, who made an impact with the team one way or another.

Noah Syndergaard has voiced his displeasure with the teams decision, as he has learned a lot under the tutelage of Mr. Warthen.


Speaking of injuries, the team announced that head trainer Ray Ramirez will be let go. Ramirez has been on the team since 2005, and has created a bad reputation amongst Mets fans. Several players have been injured under Ray’s watch, and the handling of said injuries has been an embarrassing topic for fans. From “everything is fine” one day to “season-ending surgery” the next, dealing with the team was a mess. He may have been the only trainer to ever be booed every Opening Day. Never has a fanbase rejoiced after a firing of a commodity like Ray Ramirez, but this is where we are. While he will be gone, the rest of the training and conditioning staff will remain with the team.

Other Mets moves that were made include:

– The Mets will be keeping Hitting Coach Kevin Long, Pat Roessler and Third Base Coach Glenn Sherlock. The latter is under contract until 2018. Kevin Long is on the long list of potential Mets managers, so keeping him makes sense.

– The futures of Bench Coach Dick Scott, First Base Coach Tom Goodwin and Bullpen Coach Ricky Bones are all up on the air. It all depends on who the new manager will be, or if Sandy Alderson will be allowed to keep them. They are all able to speak to other teams regarding new roles.

Besides major league changes, there is expected to be major changes within the Mets’ minor league organizations, specifically Triple-A Las Vegas. Hitting coach Jack Voigt was already let go, and it is unknown what other big changes are expected to be made.

As the rebuilding process begins, there will be a lot of opportunities for speculation. It will be a long road for the Mets, one they will carefully plan out the next few months.

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