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NBA Unsuccessfully Tried to Stop All-Star Game Parties in Atlanta

The 2021 NBA All-Star Game was in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend. During this event, the host city typically has a lot of parties. The NBA tried to prevent this from happening by 200 cease-and-desist to party promoters in Atlanta. The Mayor of Atlanta tried to prevent this too by telling fans and event organizers that they shouldn’t travel to Atlanta for the NBA All-Star Game amid the Pandemic.

All-Star Game Parties Still Continued

The NBA failed to stop these parties from happening.

Restaurants and clubs in Georgia are open, so, it proved hard for the NBA to restrict people from partying. The only thing they can do is prevent the players from attending parties. Previously the NBA planned to cancel having the game this year, but they decided against cancelling.

Many celebrities like 50 cent and Meek Mill hosted parties.

It’s hard for the NBA to enforce this when they have no jurisdiction to control whether bars or clubs should be open or not. Brookhaven, a suburb of Atlanta, allowed bars to stay open this weekend till 4 AM. Major sports events always bring in fans from all over the world to watch the game and celebrate, but this isn’t a good idea during a Pandemic.

If the NBA wanted to stop parties, they should have just canceled the game. Not having the All-Star game would have stopped people from coming to Atlanta and attending parties.

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