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New York Fans Soar as Brooklyn Nets Clinch Playoff Berth



It was a celebration in New York City last night as fans cheered on their Brooklyn Nets.

The 8th and final playoff spot would be determined with a Nets win and Indiana Pacers loss. The Pacers had the tougher game of the two vs a resiliant Memphis Grizzles team while the Nets were expected to win against a not so good Orlando Magic.

Throughout the game, fans clinched to their television sets as the Nets looked lackadaisical and lacked the grit and toughness they once had. Through three quarters the game was fairly close and hopes began to dwindle. Social media ripped through the Nets for their lack of spirit and fans sat disappointed.

To no avail, the 4th quarter saw a different Brooklyn Nets team.

Former all-stars Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez all stepped up and proved their worthiness of a playoff berth. They propelled their team to a victory resulting in a 13 point win.

But before they could celebrate, the Nets were forced to sit and wait as their fate sat in the hands of the Pacers. After trailing big at the half, the Pacers were never truly able to recover and were defeated by the Grizzles. Holding tie-breaks over the Pacers, the Nets clinched the final playoff spot as fans were overjoyed after a lukewarm season.

Looking ahead, the Nets have their hands full with their toughest assignment yet; the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks finished with the best record in the East at 60 wins and 22 losses. In head-to-head matchups this season, the Hawks lead the Nets 4-0.

While much isn’t expected of the Nets, fans are hoping their group of veterans can pull for a competitive series.

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