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NFL Adds New Option For Seatless Fans. Which Would You Take?

The NFL has announced a second option for the 400 or so fans without a seat for Sunday’s Super Bowl. Which option would you take and would be be satisfied?

The unfortunate seating issue at Sunday’s Super Bowl in Dallas has been well documented. Over 1,200 fans were unable to sit in their reserved spots for the big game.

The NFL has been doing their best to accommodate those fans. After NFL and Dallas Cowboys staff members gave up their seats, approximately 800 if those fans were given seats throughout Cowboys Stadium for the game. That still left about 400 fans without a seat.

Those 400 or so fans were moved into a club section of the stadium next to the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room. The only way for these fans to watch the game was on TV’s in the club. They were also given free food, drinks, and Super Bowl XLV merchandise.

The NFL has taken responsibility for the unfortunate issue and continues to work to make this up to the fans that were forced to watch the game on TV’s in the club section. The league originally gave letters to those fans stating they would be reimbursed three times face value for their tickets, approximately $2,400. The fans would also have the opportunity to be “guests” of the NFL with one free ticket to next years Super Bowl.

The league has now come out with a second offer. The fans will have a choice between the first option or a second option in which they will receive one free ticket to a future Super Bowl, plus round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations for the week of the game. This option however does not include the $2,400 reimbursement.

Our question to you is, which option would you take? Would either of these deals satisfy you?


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