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Nike Set To Introduce More ” Nike Unite” Community Centerpiece Stores Around The Globe

When it comes to reaching communities, Nike is taking a new approach that might yield great results.

Nike is testing a chain of new shopping experiences called “Nike Unite,” which are tailored to local communities in select locales around the globe.

Built to help locals connect more closely with sport, Nike Unite creates new in-and-out-of-store experiences, rooted in serving people the most valuable sports destination in their community.

Nike Unite is part of the company’s recent sales strategy push that focuses on creating more direct, personal relationships with consumers.

Nike Unite is predicated upon the idea of connecting consumers found within their local communities through sport. This entails more personalized experiences both in-store and through digital, store designs that are tailored to each city via fixtures that display city-specific landmarks and hometown athletes, as well as specially-curated products on the retail floor. Furthermore, this initiative will also be committed to hiring folks who reside in these local communities.

Currently, Nike Unite has opened doors in Namyangju (South Korea), Portland, Brooklyn, San Antonio, and East Kilbride (UK), and has plans to soon open for business in Chicago, Atlanta, and Beijing.

I’m born and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn, so I’ve frequented the Flatbush Brooklyn Nike Unite store for quite some time already. The shop makes you feel like you’re right at home within your community. I take great pride when I’m wearing my Flatbush Brooklyn Nike hoodie, knowing you can only get that hood is you come into this one particular Nike shop.

Visit Nike Store Finder for more information on store hours and available services.