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EXCLUSIVE: Los Angeles Chargers DE Isaac Rochell Supports Low-Income Families on Thanksgiving With 450 Free Meals (VIDEO)

Los Angeles Chargers’ DE Isaac Rochell and his apparel company Local Human dished out free Thanksgiving dinner to 450 families this Thanksgiving holiday. Rochell worked with the Santa Ana Unified School District to provide said families in-need with turkey, and all the trimmings, via an all-day drive-thru pick-up in the Santa Ana, California area.

In The Zone’s Candace Cordelia caught up with Rochell on Zoom to talk all about the charitable event.

Rochell and Local Human Give Back

“What better time to be supporting families than now, after the pandemic and everything going on,” Rochell began. “For this Thanksgiving drive we partnered with one of my teammates (5-Time Pro Bowl Guard) Trai Turner (Turner was unable to be onsite for the drive-thru event due to a last minute conflict)….we’re doing the whole start to finish Thanksgiving meal and we’re just supporting low-income families. These families are struggling because of this pandemic and not just them, but everybody. So it’s just super cool, super rewarding for our company to be able to do this.”

Rochell and his team were able to distribute the Thanksgiving meals while following COVID-19 social distancing protocol — food was placed inside the trunk of the driver for each families’ car. “It’s all just drive-thru, get your food and leave,” said the NFL star. “We wanna be really, really aware of COVID. COVID is real. People are affected by it,” Rochell added.

Isaac placed emphasis on the fact that Local Human fuels a lot of initiatives, such as his Thanksgiving dinner drive-thru, thanks to proceeds donated to his Do Good Foundation. Local Human was founded in 2020 by Rochell and Trevor Beck on the premise of giving back. Each time someone buys a Local Human t-shirt, Local Human, in tern, donates a shirt to a local California foster center.

Looking back on the origins of Local Human, Rochell stated, “We spent tons of time when the pandemic started at the dog park and we (Isaac and Trevor) would sit around and just kind of…observe. We came to the point where we were like, ‘We need to do something to be able to give back.’ And so, that’s when we started Local Human and we started selling shirts.”

“Our first shirt that we sold, we sold 500 and we were able to donate 1500 meals to Meals on Wheels to support the elderly population, ‘cause the elderly population was getting tore up by COVID. That just continued to develop and now we’re here and we’ve donated over 50,000 dollars and it’s been six months,” he added.

“It’s been a crazy, fast growth for our company and we just want to continue to grow.”

Rochell’s Thanksgiving Drive-Thru is the first of several community programs planned between now and the end of 2020. The event would not have been possible without Isaac Rochell, Local Human, Trai Turner, grocery company Albertson’s and the Los Angeles Chargers.

To find out what Isaac and his fiancée Allie have planned this holiday season, Isaac’s hopes and goals for 2021 (will he stay with the Los Angeles Chargers?), how the Chargers and the NFL have deal with the pandemic this year and much more, watch Candace Cordelia’s entire video interview with the NFL footballer.

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