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Donald Trump beside man in black suit
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PGA Cancels 2022 Championship from Trump’s New Jersey Golf Course

The PGA cut ties with President Trump by canceling the 2022 Championship event from being held at Trump’s golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey. The vote to decide whether or not the PGA will cancel the 2022 Championship happened this Sunday, Jan 10, 2021. Shortly after the vote the PGA president Jim Richerson released a statement on the PGA website.

In this statement, Jim Richerson says “It’s become clear that conducting the PGA Championship at Trump Bedminster would be detrimental to the PGA of America brand. It would put at risk the PGA ability to deliver our many programs and sustain the longevity of our mission. Our board have thus made a decision to exercise our right to terminate the contract to hold the 2022 PGA Championship at Trump Bedminster.”

 Video Credits PGA of America Vimeo

Trump Incites Storming of U.S Capitol

The PGA of America officially cut ties with President Trump a few days after the protest at the U.S Capitol. The PGA believes that any relations with President Trump will harm their brand because of the negative press the President has been receiving because of the protest he incited outside of the U.S capitol building . The PGA has canceled an event at one of the President’s golf course before. The PGA canceled having the PGA Grand Slam of Golf event at Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles in 2015 after his comments about Hispanic immigrants.

Impact on Local Communities

The PGA Championship is one of the most popular events in golf. Removing this event from Trump National Golf Club Bedminster location will affect the town other towns that are nearby. This event will attract thousands of people around the world to visit Bedminster and surrounding towns because of the Championship event. Not having this event at President Trump’s golf course will not attract thousands of people to Bedminster, which will affect small businesses in the town and also surrounding towns.

President Trump’s golf course in Bedminster attracts a lot of tourism. Due to the bad press, he has been receiving. It is going to harm Bedminster because his golf course bring a lot of tourism to the town. This is an example of how negative press can affect more than just a person, but an entire community.


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