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Aaron Rodgers Donates $500,000 to The Barstool Fund

Aaron Rodgers who is the current starting QB for the Green Bay Packers announced on a Instagram live stream hosted by Dave Portnoy who is the founder of Barstool Sports that he will be donating half a million dollars ($500,000) to The Barstool Fund. Dave Portnoy started The Barstool Fund to help small businesses across the country struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic, and so far The Barstool Fund has raised over $21 Million to help small businesses. Many other celebrities have donated to The Barstool Fund including Kid Rock and Elon Musk. Aaron Rodgers was moved by the videos which Dave Portnoy posted on his Instagram of recipients of The Barstool Fund.



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Aaron Rodgers said on the Instagram live stream “The videos everyday are so inspiring so that’s how I want to start. First I’m in and I want to be in the same amount you put in $500,000.”

Dave Portnoy started The Barstool Fund by donating $500,000 of his own money to help small businesses impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic in December of 2020. The Barstool Fund will help small businesses not just stay afloat for a month or two, but until the Pandemic ends which Portnoy states on his twitter status.

Aaron Rodgers Wanted to Help Small Businesses

Aaron Rodgers was touched by all the good that The Barstool Fund has done for small businesses across the country. At the end of Dave Portnoy’s live stream Aaron Rodgers said “I’m in awe in what you done Dave and all your people working their asses off to make this happen. That’s real heroism right there.”

This is another example of the many charitable efforts made to support businesses through the current health pandemic.

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