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Previewing the 2011 New York Yankees Relief Pitchers

Article written by Mark Levine. The bullpen should be a strength of the Yankees roster in 2011. Mark Levine takes you through the expected look of the bullpen.

A baseball game goes for at least 9 innings per day. At times, a relief pitcher is needed to come into the game.  Each pitcher in the bullpen can serve in a different role.

The pitchers that should make up the Yankees pen this year include: Joba Chamberlain, David Robertson, Pedro Feliciano , Boone Logan, Rafael Soriano, and Mariano Rivera.  The remaining(s) spots can come from Sergio Mitre, Andrew Brackman, Ivan Nova, Bartolo Colon, and Mark Prior.

First, Joba Chamberlain will probably pitch in the 6th or 7th innings. He should be a starter but the team feels he better serves as a reliever.  He has shown a lot of success in the pen.

In 2010, David Robertson had lots of success as the 8th inning pitcher.  This year his role will be to pitch in the 6th and 7th innings.  He should be just as good as last year or better in 2011.

In the off season, Pedro Feliciano was signed.  He is a left handed specialist.  He may be called upon for 1-2 batters a game.

Boone Logan will also be very important to the bullpen since he is also a lefty.  His role will be similar to Pedro Feliciano.

If Sergio Mitre does not make the starting staff, his services would be best used as a long reliever. He should be able to pitch multiple innings at a time.

If Andrew Brackman, Ivan Nova, Mark Prior, and/or Bartolo Colon fail to become starters, they will mostly likely start the team in the minors.  At some point in the season, one or more of them should see some action the majors.

The real strength lies with the set-up man Rafael Soriano and closer Mariano Rivera.  Soriano is set for the 8th inning and Rivera will close the games.

The bullpen will be a big strength for the Yankees.  After all is said and done, the relievers should be able to put the game to bed after the starters go 6 innings each game.


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