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Should Athletes Be On And Use Social Media

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With social media becoming bigger and bigger everyday, it begs the questions whether athletes should have social media accounts like Twitter.

Should they?

Some might argue yes, it is a great way of interacting with your favorite college or professional athletes. You can follow them and see what they are up or say, and you can even “tweet” them and hope they see it and they respond to you! You see some athletes that are really good at social media and fans love the inside look at their lives and thoughts.

Imagine sending a message to LeBron James or somebody like that and they respond. WOAH!

The other side of the argument is no good came out of it. Athletes may make the mistake of sending out a bad tweet, causing them to get into some type of trouble or backlash from outsiders, the team, or even the media. In addition, on the flip side of the good fans interacting with the players, there are also negative people who tweet horrible things such as obscene comments and even death threats to the athletes. There is no need that for that.


So what do you think? Do you think athletes should have social media accounts? Vote above and don’t forget to share this with other sports fans or non sports fan so they can vote as well. The more votes the better! Chime in the comments below with your choice, why you chose it, and anything else you’d like you add. Thanks!


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