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Should Sixers Fans Once Again, “Trust the Process”?

Nerlens Noel, left, and Jahlil Okafor, right.  (Chris Szagola / Associated Press)

Nerlens Noel, left, and Jahlil Okafor, right. (Chris Szagola / Associated Press)


Is this a start of what’s to come? Or are the Philadelphia 76ers just in a rut? Whatever it is, Brett Brown needs to get everyone on the win train.

11 games played so far this year, nine they have lost. That means, two they have won.

Now, granted, we are just at the start of what can be a beautiful season. We just have to take one day at a time, right?

The past few years, the Philadelphia 76ers were able to obtain young, amazing talent. Year after year, we hear “Trust the Process”. At times those three words are very frustrating, especially with a 2-9 start to the season.

With the 2016-2017 season among us, let’s not hope for another season of false promises and “trusting the process” quotes.

One of the teams’ hottest players, Joel Embiid, is certainly earning his sport on the team as a focal point. With needing to play a bit more defense to be the ring leader to lead the teams to victory, Embiid is just right there.  The past two years of foot injuries and resting is finally paying off.

Dario Saric is another top pick that finally found his way over the Atlantic Ocean to the Wells Fargo Center.  The 6’9 power forward was the second best player on his team in Turkey.  Coming to America was not only amazing for him it’s been a treat for the 76ers. With that said, with Ersan Ilyasova coming to the team, will Saric be headed to the bench? As long as his jump shot keeps improving, I don’t see why he would.

Ben Simmons… what’s left to say about Ben Simmons! Two words… Hurry Back. Being the number one pick in the latest draft and having suffered a foot injury during preseason, Simmons is not being rushed back. With expectations of seeing Simmons in January, we can only wish him a quick recovery so that can truly happen.

Just remember to “Trust the Process”.

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