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Sixers Show Promise Despite Falling to LeBron and Cavs

…what a night

One of the biggest concerns about playing against the Cleveland Cavaliers is only two words … block LeBron.

In just 25 minutes, Joel Embiid had 22 points. Even though the 76ers lost to the Cavs 102-101, the game was definitely promising towards the 76ers future. Embiid had four total blocks all night, but the only one against LeBron was the best one. That is one that I had to watch on YouTube over 20 times already.  That layup was definitely one to get me on my feet at my house.

With the game being back and forth all night, the last minute of the game could have provided the Sixers their first win in a few weeks. Not only that but the 76ers had a chance to break the Cleveland Cavaliers record.

The past two games, Gerald Henderson has cost the team two games.  Let’s just hope the 6’5 shooting guard 1st round 12 pick in the draft can stay on his toes.

..till next time 76ers fans!

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