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Super Bowl XLIV: Potential storylines for each matchup

We take a look at each potential Super Bowl matchup and what the story lines might be.

We don’t yet know who is playing in Super Bowl XLIV. We find that out this Sunday. Which matchup is the most intriguing? Lets take a look ahead and see some of the potential storylines for each possible matchup.

Saints vs Colts

– Two of this decades better quarterbacks, Drew Brees vs Peyton Manning.

– Peyton Manning vs his father’s old team.

– Peyton was born in New Orleans but is now a Colts legend. His father Archie is a Saints’ legend. Both men are very active in the New Orleans community.

– Passing, Passing, and more Passing.

– In 1984, Baltimore Colts owner Robert Irsay was looking to move his team, while an Indianapolis businessman named Robert Welch was trying to get an NFL expansion team in the city. Before Irsay moved his team to Indianapolis, Welch was in talks with Saints owner John Mecom about buying the Saints and moving them to Indianpolis.

– Only two players in NFL history have had the first name Pierre. Both would be in this game. Colts wide receiver Pierre Garcon and Saints running back Pierre Thomas.

Vikings vs Colts

– Brett Favre vs Peyton Manning. Enough said. Two of the best QB’s of all time.

– Only two players since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970 have won at least 3 MVP awards. The quarterback who won 3 MVP’s in the 90’s (Favre) vs the quarterback who won four in the 00’s (Manning).

– The QB that holds most NFL passing records (Favre) vs the QB who will threaten and/or break many of those records (Manning).

– Jared Allen and Dwight Freeney. Each team has a dominant defensive end.

– Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier was the Colts defensive backs coach in 2006 and 2007. Current Colts head coach Jim Caldwell was an assistant head coach with Indy during those years.

Saints vs Jets

– Drew Brees and his offense was #1 in the NFL this season in points per game and yards per game. Jets defense was #1 in NFL this year in points per game allowed and yards per game allowed.

– Saints Reggie Bush and Jets Mark Sanchez were both big name star players at USC and were drafted as Top-10 picks.

– Two fan bases that have been tortured. Jets have been to one Super Bowl, but that was a loooong time ago. Saints have never been to the Super Bowl. The two teams had just four combined playoff victories this decade.

– Jonathan Vilma vs his old team

Vikings vs Jets

– Brett Favre vs the team he played for last season.

– The old guy (Favre) vs the rookie (Sanchez)

– Two teams that play dominant defense and have solid rushing attacks. (The keys to winning a championship)

Best / Worst

Best Matchup:  I would love to see the Saints vs Colts in the Super Bowl, but by media standards, I guess a Vikings vs Colts matchup would be best. Favre vs Manning is a classic.

Worst Matchup: Media wise, Saints vs Jets would be the worst matchup. Not to much going on as far as story lines other then both teams’ fan bases are desperate for a championship.

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