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The future of Cespedes leaving the Mets in limbo?

The New York Mets might feel like they are on Let’s Make a Deal as they wait for Monty Hall to ask the infamous question.  “Do you want door number 1, number 2 or number 3?

  • Behind door number one, the oft injured Yoenis Cespedes returns from his heel injuries sometime in June and picks up right where he left off; with a batting average near .300, power to all fields and provides sound defense.
  • Behind door number two, Cespedes doesn’t return until after the all-star break, keeping the roster somewhat in limbo and sadly, when he return’s he’s not 100%; his average suffers, his power numbers are down and his time in the outfield is cautiously paced.
  • Behind door number three is the clunker, Cespedes never recovers from his injuries and fades into the abyss of other Met misfortunes.

It’s time for the Mets to make a statement and sign Bryce Harper!

Met fans have been more than patient over the past few decades as they watch their cross-town rivals make the playoffs year after painstaking year.  As the Steinbrenner’s and Brian Cashman run the model franchise, the Mets can’t seem to recover from the Bernie Madoff debacle.  When will the ghost of Bobby Bonilla be lifted?

Even as a Yankee fan and someone that admired the sweet swing and smooth defense of Robby Cano, I question how much spark the 36-year old has left.  Last year’s Mets line-up struggled to put up runs and their moves this past winter are not bold enough to move the needle.

Could the team be setting themselves up for a repeat of 2017 when iconic pitching performances went to waste as the team would drop games 2-1 and 1-0?

Typically, signing a high-priced free agent comes with a significant amount of risk.  In the case of pitching one never knows when Tommy John surgery might rear its ugly head or when that shoulder might say enough is enough.  But Mets fans I ask you, what is the risk of signing Bryce Harper?

Harper is coming off a subpar year based on his standards.  His career has had him buried in the pretentious confines of playing his games in Washington D.C. which has never been known as a baseball town and lacks any championship legacy.  In D.C. the politicians steal the headlines (and everything else) and unless you’re a Super Bowl bound Redskin team, get ready to play in virtual obscurity.

New York would wrap its arms around Harper and fully embrace his seemingly rebellious manner of play.  Harper struts around the field like he thinks he’s the best and folks, he’s probably right.  Adding Harper to a suspect Met line-up gives it instant credibility and if you ask the pitchers in the Mets starting rotation, they will tell you that his mere presence takes pressure of their need to pitch a shut-out.

For Mets fans, its not too late to start the roar and let their voices be heard.  Fans need to start reaching out to their sphere of influence starting with Mike Francesa and the other hosts on WFAN.  Then hit social media with a “We Want Harper” campaign.  Consider this, a 2018 season with Bryce Harper in your outfield or a 2018 season choosing door number one two or three.

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