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The Real Scoop, Episode 1: Mike Francesa Returning to WFAN (Audio)

Last week, New York Sports Radio was jolted with the announcement of Mike Francesa returning to WFAN. The legendary host and ratings king, shockingly announced his return to radio. Above all, his return to his former employee and afternoon slot. In particular, Francesa coming out of retirement after only 4 and 1/2 months was both perplexing, and vexing to many in the industry, including WFAN on-air personalities, and rival ESPN radio host Michael Kay.

Namely, Francesca’s return on May 1 to WFAN beginning at 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. caused many of his coworkers and rivals to express their moral outrage. Specifically, Boomer Esiason wasted no time taking on-air shots at Francesa. Moreover, Boomer Esiason lamented at the fates of Francesca’s replacements, Chris Carlin, Maggie Gray, and Bart Scott. Similarly, ESPN radio host Michael Kay took time to express his concern for ‘CMB’, as well.

Above all, Tuesday May 1, 2018 everyone will be tuned in to WFAN at 3 p.m. to welcome back and listen to what Mike Francesa should say about his untimely return. Notably, Francesa did announce his retirement from WFAN during his revered farewell tour. Additionally, he had also hinted at numerous possible ventures, post WFAN. In short, we will all be curious to hear him explain why the sudden change of heart, who contacted who first, and why did he come back for it significantly less money, albeit, shorter hours and a later start.

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