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Io Shirai - WWE Women's Tournament (

Io Shirai – WWE Women’s Tournament (F4Online)

When WWE announced that there would be a WWE Women’s Tournament this summer, the wrestling world was ecstatic. Some of the greatest women wrestlers today will be gracing a WWE ring in front of passionate fans, just like the Cruiserweight Classic. It looks like we finally have some more information regarding the tournament.

According to PWInsider, the WWE Women’s Tournament will be taped on Thursday 7/13 and Friday 7/14 at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. The current plan is to hold the finals of the tournament as a live WWE Network special on Tuesday 8/29. The event will also focus on international wrestlers, just like the CWC. 

In an interesting twist, the taped episodes will not be released weekly, but a few at a time. WWE has been known to do this Video on Demand approach for original series shows like Holey Foley!, but not for a real-time in-ring program. If everything goes according to plan, fans will have a great experience. It will be interesting to see how that works out, especially when it comes to viewership resulting from spoilers. 

There are also some huge talents being rumored to be a part of the tournament. WWE has been looking at the women of SHIMMER. The company has loads of talent that can help make WWE’s tournament a success. It’s being reported that WWE has interest in former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Jade and Marti Bell. The former finished her career in Impact Wrestling with a great feud against Rosemary. Both would be great additions to the tournament. 

There has been recent news that could be a game-changer. According to the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, WWE has signed Io Shirai, one of the biggest women wrestling stars in Japan. She is the second biggest star to leave Stardom this year for WWE, joining Kairi Hojo. WWE already has plans for the latter, but its unknown what is in store for Shirai. If they can both be a part of the tournament this year, it will be a big win for WWE. 

Double G Sports will provide more information regarding the WWE Women’s Tournament as it comes out.  

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