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Why the Mets Should Target Billy Hamilton

Earlier today all teams decided which arbitration eligible players they would extend contracts to and which would be free agents. One name I saw that should garner a lot of attention from various teams is now former Cincinnati Reds Outfielder Billy Hamilton. Now don’t get me wrong Billy isn’t a major star, but is one of the better lead-off hitters in the game of baseball bringing a solid bat & normally a consistent nuisance on the base path. For those who might be unaware before Billy made his debut in the big leagues he was a solid short stop during his time in the minors he was blocked by Zack Cozart & Didi Gregorious at the time, this prompt his seamless move to center field. The amount of stunning plays that Hamilton has made in the Red Outfield since his move has really made it seem like he was meant to play the center field position. Putting his glove aside Billy has had the speed only comparable to legendary hitter Ricky Henderson; but one of the only differences between the two players is Ricky never had a problem with getting on base like Billy Hamilton.

Now with the stage let’s talk about how he would fit into the Mets organization that is already a crowed outfield. Putting aside the possible deal including Jay Bruce and the injured Yoenis Cespedes the Mets have had a massive problem the last few years being a very bad defensive team especially in the outfield (sorry Dominic Smith). That is reason number one why Billy would fit well in blue and orange, the other reason is because the Mets have lacked a true lead-off hitter since the days of Jose Reyes in his prime.

I know that all the talk recently has been about the possible “blockbuster” deal for Robinson Cano & Edwin Diaz, but the Mets off-season doesn’t end there as they will likely be looking for good bargins & Billy fits that model. In my opinion signing Billy to a one year deal worth around 6 or 7 million would be a big help for the Mets & would give the team some more insurance while Cespedes works his way back & Nimmo continues to find his footing in the bigs.

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