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Zack Ryder (

Zack Ryder (

Zack Ryder’s WWE career has had its ups and downs. From internet sensation to the very bottom of the card, the Long Island native has been through it all. Just when he found his footing on SmackDown Live, he injured his knee in a battle royal last December. His recovery time after surgery is between 4-9 months. Instead of moping in the shadows, Zack is taking advantage of the opportunity.

After a brief hiatus, Zack is back…online at least. In a follow-up from his original YouTube series, “Z! True Long Island Story”, Zack Ryder went back to his roots and has produced the next best thing: “Z! True Comeback Story.”


When Zack originally did the video series, it was a result of him not getting enough attention from WWE brass. His segments regarding insider terms were well done, and it successfully combined a serious issue with comedic value. He brought in his dad (a true MVP of the series) and had guests like Dolph Ziggler to extend a rivalry. The best part of the entire thing? He was his own champion, the Internet Champion.

The fans took notice and supported Ryder, and he eventually won the United States Championship from Dolph. After a few unfortunate booking decisions (Kane and John Cena, Eve), Zack was back in limbo. He never gave up though, and even though his show disappeared along with his push, there was still hope.

It’s interesting to note that WWE is now promoting his new program, something they didn’t do when it first began. While it probably won’t be the same, its nice to see him doing something that is of his own design.

Here’s hoping Zack Ryder will be pumping his fists up in the air again sooner rather than later. Until then, lets enjoy the show. Woo Woo… Woo!

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