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A Thank You to Robin Lehner

Robin Lehner may have only been with the New York Islanders for one season but he left a lasting impact on both the team and the fans after fighting personal demons and addiction.  He came clean at the beginning of last season and along with Thomas Greiss helped carry the Islanders to a Jennings Trophy (least amount of goals allowed) and became a Vezina Finalist with an excellent first (and only) year with the Isles.

Thank you Robin Lehner for breaking down the doors for athletes who are dealing with mental illness and addiction.  Thank you for bringing your issues to the forefront and being open and honest about it at all times.  Thank you for reminding people that being ill and being weak are two completely different things.  Thank you for being a mentor and a hero for many of us who struggle with depression, addiction and other issues.

You will always be remembered as a fantastic goalie and an even better person.  Without you who knows how well the Islanders would have done.  Without you who knows how well this team would have gelled.  You were the focal point of the team’s success both on and off the ice and you will be sorely missed.

It’s unfortunate that it didn’t work out but just remember that you will always have a home on Long Island.  You are a one of a kind person and the strides you took this season both personally and professionally cannot be stated enough.  You will be loved in Chicago and they are lucky to have such a positive force in the locker room.

We all wanted you back and you wanted to be back, but business is business.  Thanks again for the memories and hopefully down the road you’ll find yourself back on Long Island.  You are so well respected among Islander fans and media alike.  You will be missed.

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