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All-Female Celebrity Football Team

Double G Sports came up with an All-Female celebrity football team that could play with the best of them. In fact, this may be the best one.

I seem to be having a hard time getting into this years Super Bowl. Sure I could do write ups about the game like everyone else around the world. I decided to try something fun, so I tried to put together a female celebrity football team. I think I did a pretty good job of combining good looks with skills. Think you can put together a team to compete with mine? Let’s here it. Here is the Double G Sports All-Female Celebrity Football Team:

QB – Jennie Finch.  Because she is a softball pitcher, Finch has the arm strength. She is also one of the most athletic players on the team. A versatile QB, think Vick with better accuracy. She even looks the part of a star QB. At 6’1 she will not have any problems seeing over the offensive line.

RB – Alicia Sacramone.  The gymnast is perfect for this spot due to her extremely strong legs and athleticism.  She is a very flexible and shift back.

WR1 – Erin Andrews – Very tall and knows the game. Good with her hands from holding a microphone for a living. Her height is a big advantage.

WR2 – Heidi Klum – Another tall receiver. Due to modeling experience she will be a great route runner. Good body control and hip action. 

WR3 – Carrie Underwood – With her small size, she is perfect for the slot receiver position. Has dated football and hockey players so they can teach her to take a hit over the middle. 

TE – Jennifer Lopez – Has the size and athleticism to be a dominant force from the tight end spot. Big, tall safety target for Finch in the passing game. 

DE – Jessica Simpson and Mariah Carey – Both ends have the size to battle in the trenches. Carey is likely the better athlete and she seems to shine in any situation. Simpson needs to stay in shape and find motivation to work hard. 

DT – Missy Elliot – Size and strength to play DT in the 3-4 defense. She will be the run stuffer. Tough lady that will not take crap from anyone. 

OLB – Beyonce and Laura Vandervoort – Beyonce is the defensive captain and just dominant. She brings the game consistently. Power and speed is her game. Dominant pass rusher. Vandervoort on the other side is a very athletic linebacker that can run sideline to sideline. Has the ability to cover if needed. Very tough as she is a 2nd degree black belt. 

MLB – Britney Spears and Meghan Fox – Spears needs to stay motivated but is an athletic linebacker and can turn on a dime. Fox is a take no prisoners type. The duo is dangerous because they can play the run as well as drop back when needed. 

CB – Eva Longoria and Alicia Keys – Both corners have the skills to really cling on receivers. They bring style and flare to the defense. Keys loves the New York lifestyle, so playing here won’t be an issue. Longoria loves to be in the spotlight. 

S – Heather Mitts and Gina Carano – Mitts is terrific in the open field due to her years as a soccer star. She has a knack for getting to the ball and the power to provide a hit. Carano is a beast and will punish the opposition if they try to come across the field. Opposing offenses will likely try to stay away from her. They are a terrific pair of safeties. 

K/P – Handling the kicking and punting duties is Hope Solo. The soccer star is a natural here and has the ability to control games with her legs. 

So, that is my team. Think you can beat us? Let’s hear what team you can put together, but remember..its a combination of looks and skill that make us so dominant.

All in the football spirit. Double G Sports Super Bowl predictions coming tomorrow.

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