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Allen Iverson Showtime Special.. Rumors put to Rest!

An Allen Iverson documentary will air on Showtime on May 16.



When you think of a recently legacy, great but controversial player, a man that is naturally gifted; do any names come to mind?

Yup, Mr. Allen Iverson.

This weekend in Las Vegas was the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight. Right before the fight took off, Iverson sat down with Josh Innes and Tony Bruno.

Iverson was there to let, not only them, but the world know about his new documentary hitting Showtime on May 16 at 9PM. The documentary is going to show you the life behind the court of Iverson. It also will provide a lot of facts that his fans didn’t know.

Iverson was eager to do this because he wanted his fans to see who he is. With the rumor mill that circled around him when he played ball, and even to this day, he is laying a lot of those rumors to rest by telling the truth.

“I am tired of defending myself so this is why I am doing it,” said the former NBA guard.

Iverson described to Innes and Bruno about his special bond here in Philly. Hey 76ers fans, we brought the hype to the stadium and gave Iverson more energy and joy to play the game. That is always a great thing to know as a fan. No matter what people think of him, Iverson came to the game skilled and ready to play.

A few months ago, Iverson hinted about working with the Philadelphia 76ers organization. Giving his opinion in the “War Room “during the NBA Draft is something he feels would be beneficial to them. Having great talent and an eye for basketball, his opinions would do the organization a great deal to get the best of the best.

Being a longtime fan of not just the 76ers but of Allen Iverson, I will be watching.

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