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Bellator’s Scott Coker on DAZN streaming service, possible Grand Prix Tournaments with female fighters

A second-round interview with the President of Bellator Scott Coker, as we discuss a wide variety of topics

Bellator’s recent deal with DAZN changed how viewers can obtain their combat sports fix. The programming that would be a part of the streaming service would involve the top fighters to ever grace an octagon. As Scott Coker took the stage and presented in DAZN’s headquarters in New York, a true sense of change was in the air.

Bellator’s President announced several members of the new Welterweight Tournament that will be taking place later this year, while also promising major fight announcements.

Round two of Double G Sports’ exclusive with Scott Coker was brief and to the point, the same as his time on stage during the press conference. Mr. Coker started off by praising the fighters who were on stage today, including the participants in the Welterweight Grand Prix.

Scott Coker: We are excited to start the Welterweight Grand Prix on DAZN. If you look at it, you have Douglas Lima v. Andrey Koreshkov in a trilogy fight to start the tournament. Both of those guys are killers, I would not blink during this fight. Koreshkov might be the dark horse of the tournament.

In regards to the Welterweight Grand Prix: Rory MacDonald, as far as I’m concerned, is the best welterweight in the world. After fighting Gegard Mousasi (at Bellator 206), he’ll move back to welterweight and fight in the Grand Prix. A lot of sponsors want to be involved in this tournament. It all comes down to the recent success of the heavyweight tournament. DAZN’s influence in prodiving a great platform for us to thrive brings various possibilities. 

While it was announced that Rory’s Welterweight Title was going to be on the line, it was unknown what he would win if he won  the whole Grand Prix. Mr. Coker was keeping that to himself in order to surprise the fans.

Double G Sports: You’ve started a Welterweight Grand Prix and are in the middle of a Heavyweight Grand Prix. Is there any interest in doing a Grand Prix for the women of Bellator on DAZN?

SC: We haven’t talked about it yet, but that is not a bad idea at all. We are starting to bulk up with great talent in our women’s division. There is a specific weight class we have that can definitely be a fit for a tournament like that. In regards to when, probably next year. 

DGS: Would you try to invest in more women outside the company to entice them to join the division/potential tournament?

SC: Whether it is a big star we want to bring in or one we can build from the ground up, we are definitely working on something. Look at (current Flyweight Champion) Ilima-Lei Macfarlane. In a matter of two+ years she’s a champion. Her recent opponent, Alejandra Lara, she can fight. I’m telling you she’s going to be a big star as well. We have a good group of girls at 125 that we think can put on a good tournament for.

DGS: Macfarlane and Julia Budd each main evented on Paramount Network and helped produce some of the best numbers on the platform. Does that entice you in utilizing them on cards for the DAZN service?

SC: Absolutely. Macfarlane and Budd had very solid numbers, and we can definitely see both fighting on DAZN and Paramount.

DAZN’s platform is there for fans to get what they paid for. Fighters like these two and the one’s in the welterweight tournament are helping the platform and Bellator grow beyond expectations. 

For more information regarding DAZN and Bellator, check out our last encounter with Mr. Coker here.

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