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Michael Page on DAZN, the Welterweight Grand Prix, more

Michael Page is one of the favorites to win the Welterweight Grand Prix. He spoke about his preparation for the tournament and who he hopes to face.

At 31-years old, Michael “Venom” Page is just reaching his potential in Bellator. One of the top welterweights for the promotion, MVP (13-0 MMA, 2-0 boxing) looks to prove his worth at the recently announced Welterweight Grand Prix. On the line? Rory MacDonald’s Welterweight Title. This time, MVP will have a different platform to try and knock out the entire competition.

Bellator President Scott Coker recently announced a landmark deal with streaming service DAZN. The news is expected to change the landscape of combat sports. For Page, it is another day at the office. He sees this as an open invitation to prove who is the top dog in Bellator, and he is ready to get things started ASAP.

Double G Sports was able to speak to MVP regarding his upcoming appearance in the Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix and how he prepares for a future challenge with a rival unlike any other.

Double G Sports: How does it feel to have your talent showcased to a wider audience thanks to DAZN?

Michael Page: I’m a showman. If there are more eyes, I just get more and more creative and competitive. The fact that there are going to be a lot more people tuning in is great for a fighter like me. 

In regards to his path towards the top of the welterweight rankings: I don’t think people do something just to be a part of it. When I’m in something, I do it and look to take it all the way. 

Talking about the Welterweight Grand Prix, Page was very focused on winning the title held by Rory MacDonald. The title will be up for grabs during that tournament, something MVP will look to take advantage of.

MVP: If you win you get two titles: The Tournament Title and the Welterweight Title. For me, joining this tournament was a no-brainer. 

DGS: At 13-0, do you believe you should have received a solo opportunity for the title or is the tournament the right opportunity for you?

MVP: In my opinion, things happen for a reason. I’m here now, and it is the right time to show the world where I’m at. A tournament like this can showcase all the skills I have. 

In regards to the competition: To me, the welterweight division in Bellator is one of the best divisions in the world of MMA. It is probably the most competitive across the board. I’m very excited to be working with those other fighters. I’ll be even more excited when I get that win at the top. 

DGS: Tell me about your latest diet.

MVP: A lot of people are talking about me being a “Vegetarian”. I’ve gone to a lot of vegan shops, and I eat a lot of healthy foods. I call myself a flexitarian because if I decide to eat meat I could. I haven’t eaten red meat in the last 11 months. 

DGS: As a flexitarian, would it at all affect your weight cut/gain process?

MVP: It hasn’t really affected me in a negative way. I lost a lot of weight initially, that’s just your body getting used to the change. You then learn how much you’re supposed to eat. We are currently doing a lot of explosive weight training. Everyone is different. It is all about learning about yourself. 

One of Page’s gimmicks during fights is the use of popular pop culture references. It is all about having fun for MVP. During his last fight, he brought out an Infinity Gauntlet worn by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. Obviously, Double G Sports had to get to the bottom of it all.

DGS: What was the idea behind the Infinity Gauntlet?

MVP: I’m always about timing. Whatever is hot at the time, I usually embrace it for my fights and post-match celebrations. What I’m most famous for was using a Poké Ball after a fight I won against Evangelista Santos at Bellator 158. That’s just me. 

DGS: After speaking to (Bellator President) Scott Coker, he was wondering if he could have his own Infinity Gauntlet. If not, he might have to take yours. What do you think about that?

MVP: Once you’ve got that gauntlet on, it is very hard to take it off. Even all the Avengers couldn’t do it, so I don’t know if Scott could get it off of me. 

DGS: You have dabbled in some boxing. Any talks with Eddie Hearn?

MVP: Now that we are in the same room, and collaborating with DAZN, it makes for a good platform to have a talk. Scott (Coker) is a massive supporter of what I do. As long as it doesn’t interrupt with anything I’m doing MMA-wise, I should be fine. 

DGS: You are still a young fighter. How many bouts do you think you have left?

MVP: It is hard to say. Some people take on five fights a year, while some take two or three. It all depends on how they are feeling. Whenever I feel ready to stop, I’ll stop. 

DGS: Who are you rooting for in the Heavyweight Grand Prix?

MVP: I had to go with my friend ‘King Mo’, until the recent outcome of the Bader fight. I did predict that the winner of that fight would go all the way, so I’d have to say Bader at the moment. 

DGS: Dream fight in MMA and Bellator?

MVP: Overall? Anderson Silva. I’ve been compared to him a lot. I want people to see the differences, and because it is Anderson Silva. He’s the man. In Bellator? Paul Daley. It’s more personal for that one. 

Page’s wishes may be granted, at least for the second request. Daley just signed an extension with Bellator. He was also announced as the final member of the Welterweight Grand Prix Tournament. The chances of those two squaring off may finally come to fruition. An added bonus is that one of the biggest prizes in Bellator will be on the line.

You can check out Michael Page later this year as the Welterweight Grand Prix kicks off on DAZN.

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