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Boone’s Blunders Cost Yankees in a Huge Game Three

It was apparent from the get-go that New York Yankee’s starter Luis Severino was not on his game. He simply did not bring his best stuff to the mound in a huge swing game for the Bombers. Severino was not the only Yankee who did not have it, Yankees skipper Aaron Boone did not either.

Aaron Boone did not budge in the Yankee dugout after he watched his Ace get hit around. It seemed like a never ending line of base hits for New York’s bitter rival, the Red Sox. The fourth inning was especially hard to watch. It was evident Severino lost control of his fastball, struggling to find the zone. Base runner after base runner reached safely, and it was not until the bases were loaded in the top of the fourth inning that Boone decided a change was needed.

The Yankees already trailed at this point 3-0. What more did Boone have to see to pull Severino. Many argue that Sevy should not have even been back on the mound to start the fourth. Even the most passive baseball fans knew that it was not Severino’s night. Bringing the 24 year old back was certainly a questionable decision.

Boone explained his plan for Severino after the ugly 16-1 game three loss. Boone said that he hoped Sevy could get through the bottom three of the Red Sox order, hoping to turn to the bullpen to face the top of Boston’s lineup in the fifth. His gamble proved to be faulty. Red Sox utility man Brock Holt and catcher Christian Vasquez both hit line drive singles. Why was either of the two hits not the final straw for Boone? Instead of pulling the struggling Severino out of the game, Boone left him in which turned into a walk of Boston’s center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr.

It was not until this walk that Boone realized Severino needed to be pulled from this game. It took being down 3-0, the Red Sox loading the bases with no outs in one of the biggest games of the season for Boone to wake up from his managerial slumber.

The stadium erupted with boo’s as Sevy walked off the mound, but the boos were meant as much for Severino as they were for Boone. The fourth inning ended after the Yankees were forced to use three pitchers, who faced 11 batters and allowed seven runs. Boone left his foot print on this game, and the vibe throughout the stadium was all the same. It seemed as if the game had ended right then and there in the fourth inning. For many Yankee fans, that scenario would have been ideal. Instead the game ended as the most lopsided loss in Yankees history.

Boone simply forgot his manager’s cap at home. Many of his decisions after the disastrous one of leaving Severino in, were questionable. Boone went to Lance Lynn to relieve Severino. Lynn is a starter, one who is accustomed to starting an inning with no base runners.  Why was Lynn brought into the game with runners on instead of a high leverage reliever like Chad Green, Dellin Betances or many of the weapons the Yankees bullpen has at its disposal.

Luis Severino is supposed to be the Yankees ace, he is supposed to show up for games like this and he did not. The Yankees offense was shut down by Nathan Eovaldi who seems to be the Bombers Achilles heel. The Yankees are now faced with an elimination game down 2-1 in the American League Division Series. The blame cannot be placed solely on the shoulders of the Yankees skipper, but his definitely decisions played a major role.

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