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Boxer Shannon Briggs on making a comeback, Champ RX and becoming a 3x World Champion

After a few years away from the ring, Shannon Briggs is looking to show he has a lot left in the tank

When it’s all said and done, Shannon Briggs may be one of the most colorful figures in boxing. A dominant athlete who has boxed professionally since the early 90’s, Briggs makes sure to show his unique personality both in and out of the ring. A man who is 60-6-1 in his career, Briggs has been in the ring with the likes of Lennox Lewis, George Foreman and Vitali Klitschko.

A two-time World Heavyweight Champion, Shannon Briggs is looking to make a comeback in a big way. In May of 2017, Briggs was suspended for six months by the WBA for failing a drug test. At the time, he was ranked number three in the WBA rankings. His desire to return to the ring at 46-years old has given him a new outlook on life, stating to the media:

“It’s been a long road, with many twists and turns, but I battled through it and feel good about the future. The Champ is back and ready to go!”

Besides boxing, Shannon Briggs is a part of a new organization, Champ RX LLC, a company that is looking to change the sports world for the better. Double G Sports was able to talk to Shannon regarding his comeback and new company.

Shannon started off strong, in a way that only he can:

Shannon Briggs: I’m looking forward to a huge 2018. I think the time off helped me. At 46-years old I’m in the best shape of my career. I’m going to become the oldest fighter to win the Heavyweight Championship, and the only man to win a title in three different decades.

Double G Sports: The last time you fought was May of 2016. Is it hard to adapt in the ever-changing world of boxing?

Shannon Briggs: Nothing really has changed besides the competition getting younger. They aren’t as tough as the guys from my era however. I’ve been around forever, and I’m still having fun. I’m just trying to show that being over 40-years old isn’t a death sentence for athletes. Through several points, I’ve suffered with depression, and I was fortunate enough to surround myself with good people to keep the fight going both in and out of the ring. Being positive is the way to go!

DGS: While you were away from the sport of boxing, have you gotten any advice from boxing comrades or other people in your life on how to get back into the game, or life in general?

SB: My family has been a big help for me. My daughter, who is six, has definitely put me in a better place compared to where I was before. It’s not just the ring where I do battle, my life has been a fight. I was homeless at 13-years old, lost my mom at a young age, I’m asthmatic and I still made it. My goal is to share that positivity and warmth with other people as I make my comeback. Whether it’s by working out or eating right, motivating others has motivated me.

DGS: Coming back at 46-years old, how many more years do you believe you have in the ring?

SB: I believe I have another two to three years left in me. I’m fortunate to have boxing as a means to keep me going.

DGS: Who do you think your first opponent will be and where? Will you receive an automatic heavyweight title shot or is a tuneup fight ideal?

SB: Right now we are talking with Tyson Fury about a fight. It’s a good thing I don’t like him, it’s a better fight when that’s the case. As of now, the fight would be taking place in either Manchester or London.

After the Fury fight: They are going to have to give me a title fight, simply because I’m one of the most recognizable heavyweights in the world thanks to social media. Once I prove everyone wrong with a win, they are going to have no choice.

DGS: What would it mean to win a World Heavyweight Title for the third time, being in the same category with men like Muhammed Ali and Evander Holyfield?

SB: That’s why I wake up in the morning, it’s the ultimate goal. Like your favorite subject in school, it’s a class I definitely want to be a part of. 

Explaining Champ RX LLC: Having pain for so long from being in the business helped launch this product off the ground. I was prescribed all sorts of medicine from doctors that made me worse mentally and physically. I ended up becoming resourceful and had a friend who told me to try cannabis. CBD (Cannabidiol) helped give me relief from any pain that I may have had, insomnia and anxiety. When people think of CBD and cannabis they automatically think it’s just to get high. Our product is 100% THC free.

DGS: How important is the organization in preventing CTE, especially now considering the advancements in modern day research?

SB: It’s something we are very serious about. It’s another chance to prove that cannabis and CBD is a lifesaver, to help ease the mind.

DGS: In regards to drug testing, can this negatively affect someone before an upcoming fight?

SB: It all depends on the state and the actual governing body. We want to be on the forefront of bringing it in to different organizations, whether it’s at the anti-doping agencies or anywhere else.

DGS: Do you believe talks regarding Champ RX will be civil?

SB: There has been talks regarding taking cannabis off the list, and I truly believe a big change will be made in late 2018 and 2019.

DGS: Besides Champ RX, what does your future look like after boxing?

SB: I’m interested in going through the promotor route and helping out other athletes. I want to try and be the opposite of controversial promoters who have corrupted the sport, and help put boxing in a good light. I want to see more people take care of the fighters, who end up being businessmen after hanging up the gloves.

DGS: There has been a lot of talk about “money fights”, and we recently had the Mayweather v. McGregor spectacle. Any thoughts on inter-sport competition?

SB: If you can do it, why not? I gave kickboxing a shot, I went over to Japan and fortunately won in K1. Anything is possible.

Parting words for fans around the world: Thank you to everyone who supported me throughout my career. You guys can do whatever you put your mind to, don’t ever give up. If you are ever feeling down, just say to yourself, “Let’s Go Champ!”

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