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Shocking Rumors about Boxers

Boxing news often miss boxing rumors focusing more on results but we’re here to present you the most shocking boxing rumors ever.

Professional boxing is one of the most mediatized and followed sports scenes in the world nowadays. One recent event of worldwide impact has made it even more popular among viewers and bettors from all over the globe. What started out as a shocking rumor almost one year ago, has been eventually turned into reality by the highest authorities and organizers in the world of boxing. Thus, boxing news officially announced that the match between world champion Floyd Mayweather and MMA Double belt holder Conor McGregor was no longer a fictive scenario. From that point on, a series of even more shocking rumors began surfacing shortly after.

McGregor’s Life Considered to Be in Real Danger before the Boxing Match against Floyd Mayweather

The Association of Ringside Physicians, which has more than 100 doctors in the field, believed that McGregor, the current MMA Champion (Mixed Martial Arts), was way too physically inferior to Floyd Mayweather, up to such an extent that his life was in real danger. The main fear of the organization, which seeks to ensure the safety of athletes, was that one of the fighters would be seriously injured in this match. This is even though Conor McGregor is taller, stronger, and 12 years younger than Floyd Mayweather, who had not been boxing for two years. McGregor was to enter the match with a 21-3 overall score in the MMA, but without any long-term boxing experience and training, he would still be no match for Mayweather’s lifetime boxing results and abilities. On August 26th, despite suffering an anticipated defeat against the much more resilient Mayweather, McGregor managed to last 10 full rounds, and even after receiving a few extremely powerful strikes, ended the match on both feet.

McGregor’s Supposed Divergences with Irish Mob after Beating up a Man in an Irish Pub

Conor McGregor also appeared before a judge earlier this year, facing a speeding limit violation, for which he was eventually fined EUR 400. Upon leaving the court, he was asked by the reporters outside if the boxing rumors of the dispute between him and the Irish Mob were real. Supposedly, McGregor had assaulted a man in a bar in Dublin, the latter proving to be an associate of the Kinahan Clan. Following this scandal, mobsters have asked McGregor to pay EUR 1.000.000 to be spared. The recent star of the world MMA and boxing scene didn’t seem to be afraid, surprising everyone through his reaction. McGregor simply invited his alleged enemies to come and get him.

Floyd Mayweather Rumored to Join the Professional MMA Circuit and Re-Match McGregor on His Own Territory

After Conor McGregor turned the worlds of boxing and MMA upside down when he provoked and agreed to fight “boxing rules” with Floyd Mayweather, an even wilder rumor is now being spread amongst the American showbiz and fightnews. This time around, the center of the world’s attention is Floyd Mayweather, who might allegedly offer McGregor a rematch possibility, this time following MMA rules. This would imply Floyd Mayweather stepping inside the cage and fighting the Irish with both his fists and his feet. Such an event would most likely have a huge impact on the world of MMA and chances are that this time around, most would favor the Irishman who would be fighting on his own grounds and in the format in which he has achieved the most. Although Mayweather clearly stated that this was his last match, he did say the exact same thing before accepting the challenge from McGregor.

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