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Can Daniel Cormier achieve greatness at UFC 226?

With a chance to make history, Daniel Cormier appears ready for a potentially great match against Stipe Miocic

When you really look into it, Daniel Cormier has had one wild career. It will come full circle as he returns to heavyweight at UFC 226 to face Stipe Miocic. The current Light Heavyweight Champion will fight for the Heavyweight Title. History may be made on Saturday July 7, but will DC be on the right side of it?

This will be a big challenge for Cormier (20-1 (1)), as he hasn’t fought at the heavyweight level since facing Roy Nelson at UFC 166 in 2013. The last time he fought for a title in said division was in 2012. Cormier defeated Josh Barnett in a Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix final. While things have changed since he has been a part of the division, the competitive mindset of Cormier has stayed the same.

In one of the biggest fight events of the year, Daniel Cormier will look up against the taller Miocic. There is no fear in that man’s eyes however, only determination. DC is fighting for glory, but more importantly, he is looking to finish one of the last few pages of his storied career. He knows at age 39 he can’t go on for long. He will be taking one of his final tests against an opponent who has won 14 fights via knockout, and who is currently on a six-fight win streak.

Miocic (18-2), the part-time firefighter, has brought prominence back to the UFC World Title, and his quiet demeanor is quite refreshing in a time of showmen. As a pro wrestling fan, Cormier is looking to bring all the noise to Miocic’s quiet world.

By facing tough competition in the LW division, Cormier is battle tested. It doesn’t come with some controversy of course. Not that it even should affect him, but Jon Jones is a thing of the past. The mistakes made by him don’t affect DC as others think it does. If anything, this would have been Jones’ spot if he wasn’t stuck dealing with another controversy. When it is all said and done, what is most important to Cormier is his current opponent, the air he breathes and his family.

Daniel Cormier can be in a league of his own with a win at UFC 226. A double champion is rare just because of the issues regarding weight and longevity. Cormier has beaten the second issue, and surprisingly managed the first one. He weighed a few pounds heavier than Miocic, with ease. In a media call, Cormier spoke to Sherdog, and discussed the positives of not worrying about making weight.

“It’s good that I don’t have to make weight, it’s just one less thing to worry about. I feel much stronger. When I fought at heavyweight, when I punched people it had an effect on them and lately I haven’t had that at 205. So [at heavyweight] I see the effect that my hands and legs are having on the guys when I make contact.”

Since the move to light heavyweight, DC has only won via KO twice. How his punches translate to a jaw as strong as Miocic will be interesting to observe.

These clash of styles is what the sport needs. Two of the best ground-based athletes duking it out is something to get behind. It is a true superfight for the ages. There can only be one winner, however.

Prediction: Cormier via third round KO

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