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Day 15 in the Aaron Hernandez Trial

Have you been following the Aaron Hernandez trial?  For some reason, many people in the media who usually cover high profile trials do not seem to be too focused on this one.  It’s a bit baffling because there is a high profile defendant who played for the New England Patriots.  There is also what many might believe is ‘made for tv’ drama with two sisters sitting on opposite sides of the court room.

Although there might not be live coverage of the daily trial on television, there is ‘minute by minute’ or rather ‘second by second’ coverage on Twitter.  For some of the best coverage, you may want to follow @McCannSportsLaw, who writes for Sports Illustrated, as well as, @BobMcGovernJr and @JessicaHeslam who write for the Boston Herald.  

In addition, you can head over to @FirstAndVerdict which is a new handle that is managed by @SportSXMichelle.  There will be interactive exchange on an accompanying site, that will allow you to voice your thoughts about some of the issues concerning legal matters affecting the sports industry.

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Michelle has been a sports writer and analyst for many years. Now, as host of Neutral Court, sponsored by In The Zone, Michelle brings a new sports topic to the debate floor with each episode.
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