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Neutral Court, Episode 1: Better holiday sports tradition, Thanksgiving football or Christmas basketball? (VIDEO)

Jackson Thompson and Jenna Lemoncelli debate the better holiday sports tradition on the first episode of Neutral Court.

Neutral Court and host Michelle (@SportsXMichelle), brings viewers into her court room where two individuals debate on a sports topic. Will you pick a side? In Episode 1, Jenna Lemoncelli and Jackson Thompson discuss which holiday sports tradition is better, Thanksgiving football or Christmas basketball.

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Neutral Court, Episode 1: Better holiday sports tradition, Thanksgiving football or Christmas basketball?

Some things just go together, like football and Thanksgiving and Christmas and the NBA. Only of those two pairs, is one a better holiday sports’ tradition?

According to Jenna Lemoncelli (@jennalemoncelli), who works as a multimedia journalist and host covering entertainment and sports, the NFL’s Thanksgiving games cannot hold a candle to the marquee NBA lineup on Christmas day. Jenna was happy to present her side during our first episode of Neutral Court, alongside Jackson Thompson (@Jacksonbht), a reporter who covers the New York Giants for Sports Illustrated, who gladly countered that the NFL Thanksgiving games are, by far, the better holiday tradition.

According to Jackson, it’s not only the traditional matchups hosted by the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions that make the National Football League better, but football has become the reigning sport in the country and is simply more fun to watch than the NBA on Christmas day.  Although Jackson might tune in to some of the NBA games, he seemed to imply that the five game lineup could be better.

Jenna believes that the NBA is a superior league, citing the integrity of the commission, the freedom afforded players, and the overall entertainment value, as well as, marketability. Citing things like special sneakers worn by players, to players coming off of injury, and different teams playing each year as just some of the reasons she’ll be tuning in on Christmas day, Jenna made a good case.

As for me, after listening to all of the reasons discussed in the show, I remain neutral and think both days are wonderful times to tune into games. Nelson Mandela said, “Sports have the power to change the world,” and perhaps this year more than any in recent history, the games played on Thanksgiving, and those that will be played on Christmas day, will boost our spirits and give us something to cheer for.  Unless of course, according to Jackson, you happen to be a Cowboys’ fan.

Better Sports Tradition: Thanksgiving Football or Christmas Basketball?

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