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Did New York Jets MNF Beatdown Come At a Good Time?

This article was written by Double G Sports Jets writer, Mike Mitolo.

This is Monday nights game summary: two horrible punts, Eric Smith’s penalty and a 4th & 3 completion to Deion Branch for a touchdown, game over.

Despite the embarrassing defeat, it does only count as 1 loss in the column, and it couldn’t come at a better time. Rex Ryan needs to realize that the time has come to stop making the players believe, they’re going to win and start teaching them, how to win.

I, like many Jet fans love the confidence he exudes, I’ve understood what he’s tried to do…to stop the talk of  “we can’t “and turn it into “we can” and this he has done, at times, with questionable tactics but nevertheless it’s been accomplished.

Now the team needs a track record to match all the talking, the team needs to score in the first quarter, the team needs be better than 1-3 against winning teams, the team needs to beat the opposition outright, the defense needs to get to the quarterback, the kicker needs to make his field goals, and on and on… in other words “JUST SHUT UP AND PLAY!”

Jets fans were willing to accept the lucky breaks and mediocre play in exchange for wins of any kind, I myself, was fine with that, all going on the premise that by 11:30pm on Monday, Dec 6th, they would have won the most important game for the franchise in over 10 years, propelling themselves into AFC East supremacy.

Now Gang Green must lick their wounds, put this one behind them and move on to the Miami Dolphins, a not so easy out.

Brian Schottenheimer needs to sharpen the offensive game plan and be decisive, oh yeah, having the right kind of game plan would help too, can someone explain why, with the Jets running game vs. the Pats defense you would start the game with a hurry up offense and way too many throws on first down?

Mark Sanchez did have a bad game, but you can’t blame this one solely on him, with the personnel the Jets have on offense, to not score one touchdown is preposterous. Remember Shaun Hill and the Lions moving the ball on the Pats “D” Thanksgiving Day? Exactly.

Mike Pettine & Rex need to figure out how to stop getting destroyed in underneath coverage and fast, the blitz has been rendered ineffective, it now only works in sustaining opponents’ offensive drives after countless 3rd & long completions, and with questions now at the Safety position, this huge problem can become critical, and fast!

They also need to figure out who the leader of this defense is going to be, in light of, looking lost most of the game and getting killed on yards after catch Monday night from missed assignments, players lining up out of position and poor tackling, a Captain is needed to pilot the defense in the wake of Jim Leonhard’s absence, David Harris might be the logical choice.

(New York Jets have signed safety Emanuel Cook, the 5-foot-10, 224-pound former South Carolina standout played for the Hartford Colonials this season. He has previous stints with the Jets and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.)

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