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Did trade of Melky Cabrera help Robinson Cano?

Robinson Cano is having an incredible season. We always saw the potential, it just never was put together. Could it be possible that the trade of Melky Cabrera allowed Cano to focus and finally reach his remarkable potential?

A few days ago I was talking with a friend of mine and he brought up something that got me thinking. This friend, a member of my Double G Sports Expert Panel, thinks Robinson Cano was helped by the trade in which the Yankees sent Melky Cabrera to Atlanta.

I spoke breifly about this yesterday in my appearance on Fantasy Baseball With Andrea.

The past couple seasons, Robinson Cano had shown signs of greatness. He also showed signs of immaturity and laziness. This season, we are seeing a mature and focused Robinson Cano. Can this be tied to Cabrera long longer being a member of the Yankees?

Certainly something to think about.

Cabrera and Cano were best friends while teammates with the Yankees. They would always be seen together on and off the field. In the dugout, Cano and Cabrera would always be side by side talking and laughing with each other.

Many times during the past few seasons, Cano would seem a little bit lazy and uninterested. One day he would show signs of greatness to come, the next day he would take a lazy swing, or take his time getting to a ball hit to second base.

This year, Cano has been completely locked in. He seems focused each and every day. He has shown a lot more hustle. Every day it seems like Cano is all business when he steps on the field.

It has been fun to watch this second baseman turn into a star. To date, Cano is batting .373 with 12 home runs. He has played very well defensively as well.

With less distractions, Cano has finally put his complete game together. This guy has grown into one of the purest hitters in the game. It has gotten to the point that you almost expect a hit every time he steps to the plate.

Even some Yankees players have admitted how fun it has been watching Cano this season.

I am not blaming Melky Cabrera at all, and it may have absolutely nothing to do with him. It is however something to think about.

Cano has developed into one of the games top second baseman and his name is already being thrown around in early MVP consideration. If he continues this tremendous play, you can’t argue that.

I want to hear your opinions on this? What do you think the main reason is for Cano’s explosion this season? Is it just a coincidence? Has it finally just all clicked? Or does the trade of Melky have something to do with it?

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