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Don’t Forget About Iggy – Knicks Draft Michigan Forward in Second Round

After selecting R.J. Barrett with the third overall pick in the draft, the New York Knicks had one more selection to make Thursday night. Originally slated to get the 55th overall pick, the Knicks pulled a last minute deal with the Sacramento Kings. In exchange for the 55th pick and cash considerations, the Knicks got the rights to the Kings’ 47th overall pick. With that, New York landed Ignas Brazdeikis out of the 2nd round.

Brazdeikis in Review

Brazdeikis, otherwise known as “Iggy,” is another 6’7 forward, this time coming out of Michigan. Averaging 14.8 points per game, the freshman shot 46% from the floor and 39% from the floor. One of the more interesting aspects of his game is the fact that in spite of being a right handed player, he shoots left handed. Such a quality is one that can make him a threat off the dribble. In fact, a quick read of his scouting report confirms that he is fairly good off the dribble and competent at scoring on the move. While not a physical specimen like bigger names in the draft, Brazdeikis’ bread and butter is his ability to shoot the basketball.

One of the big knacks, of many, for the Knicks was that the team lacked shooters, particularly off the bench. Brazdeikis fixes that. He is a player that can come off the bench and really bolster the offense. While his defense and ball handling need work, his strengths will play well for the team. Now, he is a second round pick, which means that he may not have a lot of expectations. Yet, Mitchell Robinson was once a second round pick who fans now regard as the team’s best prospect from last season. Thus, fans should keep an open mind and keep an eye out for all the ways this player can help New York win.

In Conclusion

The Knicks are in the final steps of their hopeful rebuild. With this selection, the team is focusing on off the bench scoring, which is something it lacked last season. Now, with the draft officially behind the team, they can focus on free agency. A new era in the Garden may be upon New York, and Brazdeikis will surely be a part of it.

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