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Double G Sports Expert Predictions: AFC & NFC Championships

The Double G Sports Expert Panel tries to predict the outcome of both the AFC and NFC Championship Games.

The Expert Panel for Double G Sports once again giving you their predictions for the Championship games this Sunday in the NFL. Each “expert” gives their picks. Their playoff picks record is in parenthesis.

Gregg (3-5)

Jets @ Colts – The Colts offensive line will keep the Jets off Manning for the most part. That spells danger for the Jets big defense. I think Dallas Clark has a huge day. Colts can play some defense.  Colts win!

Vikings @ Saints – This has the potential to be a classic. I don’t have a reason why, I just hope the Saints win, so I will take the Saints!

Jon (3-1)

I think both games are really a toss up.

Jets @ Colts – Jets

Vikings @ Saints – Vikings

Mark (4-4)

Jets @ Colts – Last week my gut told me to go with the Jets. I didn’t.  So, I’ll take the Colts. Too much offense and a better defense than San Diego.

Vikings @ Saints – The Saints defense shut down Kurt Warner and the Cards. I see no reason why they don’t do the same to Favre and the Vikings. Saints win.

John (4-4)

Well, I am in trouble this week as I am undefeated in the playoffs of Saturday, but have yet to make a Sunday prediction accurately. Here’s hoping my luck changes:

Jets @ Colts – I love the Jets physicality. I love Shonn Greene. I must admit, I even like Rex.  Everyone is drawing comparisons with the ’07 Giants. I admit they are interesting, but unfortunately for the J-E-T-S the Giants won the Super Bowl and the Jets will lose in the AFC Championship game in a very close game. Manning continues his amazing season and the Colts  will face…

Vikings @ Saints – the Saints. Thank God we will not have to listen to two more weeks of the love affair between Brett Favre and the media. Favre will throw two picks, but the Vikings will have a strong offensive showing with Peterson/Taylor running wild. However, Brees and co. put up 35+ and win by 10.

Spenser (2-2)

Jets @ Colts – Jets. Colts receiving core is too young for this dynamic defense.

Vikings @ Saints – Saints. Again it boils down to D. Saints have a bit more to offer in the secondary. They also have more offensive weapons.

Rob (4-4)

Jets @ Colts – Jets are playing with confidence and they rightfully should, but I’ve been a fan of Peyton Manning since his days at Tennessee. Colts win by 10.

Vikings @ Saints – I am a fan of high scoring spread ’em out offenses, but I just think the Vikings are tougher all around. Vikings by 5.

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