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Double G Sports Radio Network Announces New MMA/Wrestling Show

Double G Media is excited to announce a new show which will debut on Double G Sports Radio Network, Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 11am EST.

Main Event, will be hosted by UFC and Wrestling writers, Kristine Haugsjaa and Daniel Yanofsky. It will be broadcast live through every Sunday morning. The debut show coincides with the historic UFC 205 which takes place Saturday at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Dan Yanofsky

Main Event co-host, Dan Yanofsky

The show is a culmination of all the hard work Kristine and Daniel have put in to make a go-to spot for UFC and wrestling content.

Daniel has been a huge professional wrestling fan since the early 2000’s. While WWE has consumed his life, his interest in Independent Wrestling has increased over the years. Once you hear him talk about wrestling, you might feel you have just stumbled across the next Paul Heyman/Mick Foley.

Despite her dreams of being a kickboxer not becoming a reality after realizing she doesn’t do well with bloody noses and black eyes, Kristine has been working in boxing/MMA gyms since 2012 and managed amateur fighters on a local circuit since 2013. She is trained in boxing, kickboxing and Brazilian jiu jitsu, even competed in Grapplers Quest, earning a bronze medal. Kristine started her journalism career as a music journalist for a local newspaper before finding her true passion in combat sports.

She claims to have perfected the Bella Twin entrance and considers herself a Bella Triplet.

Daniel may not have the knowledge or experience with UFC that his counterpart does, but he is aware just how much the sport is taking the world by storm. He began learning the sport and following it after meeting “The Iceman” Chuck Liddell in Las Vegas in 2009.

Main Event co-host, Kristine Haugsjaa

Main Event co-host, Kristine Haugsjaa

“While I may not know as much compared to my partner Kristine, I do know that MMA has turned into a force to be reckoned with,” said Yanofsky. “MMA is wild and unpredictable, and that’s exactly what the sports world needs. My favorite fighters right now are Conor McGregor, “Super” Sage Northcutt and Ronda Rousey.”

The hosts are excited to get their show going. They are looking forward to sharing their passion and excitement for MMA/UFC and wrestling with listeners. All listeners are encouraged to call-in and interact with the Kristine and Daniel.

“I am very excited to launch, Main Event,” said Yanofsky. “Two passionate fans talking about the sports they love is something dreams are made of. Since joining the team one year ago, I truly believe Double G is the place to be. With this show, listeners can expect a platform where nothing is off limits. Some may not understand what is being said, but once you settle in you’ll want to come back for more. Without trying to sound corny: This show will be a knockout. Are you ready?”

“In a world of drama and politics in the news, we need an outlet to talk about the real issues. Like why isn’t McGregor vs Diaz III happening? Or why isn’t UFC 209 taking place in Stockton?  Dan and I will cover all of those important topics and more on Main Event,” said Haugsjaa.

Main Event joins a network that currently includes two other shows. The XO Show airs Wednesdays at 6pm EST with hosts Marcia Herold and Jayson Love, while The Sam Mines Sports Show hosted by Sam Mines airs Friday evenings. Main Event will be the third show in the lineup which will have more added before the end of the year.


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