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Fish Sticks; Islanders fans will behave, unless they get blown out

With Pajama Boy John Tavares making his illustrious return to Nassau Coliseum tonight, there has been much speculation on how Islander fans will react to Tavares for tonight’s game between the New York Islanders and the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Some think that Islander fans are pathetic and need to get over it, some think they’ll start throwing beer cans at Tavares during pre-game skate, and some think all Islander fans fall into the terrible “Dear John” video category of being so distraught that their captain left them.

Most Islander fans probably fall somewhere between all of that.  At least from my perspective, Islanders fans are still jaded from the WAY Tavares left the Islanders, not THAT he left them.  They’re still going to boo him, curse at him, laugh every time he turns the puck over, and cheer every time the Islanders score.  They’re going to boo throughout the entire Islanders tribute video.  What they WON’T do is put the Islanders in a bad position by throwing things on the ice, unless things start to unravel early.

Islander fans are extremely passionate and loyal to a fault.  They’ve been through a lot.  Whether it be the Spano years, the Fishstick uniforms, the terrible playoff droughts, the failed Lighthouse Project or just about any other terrible endeavor they’ve had to endure, Islander fans are some of the rowdiest in the entire NHL and are rightfully jaded.  If the Islanders go down 3-0 early in the game, I promise you that all hell is going to break loose.

Islander fans will start pelting the ice with beer cans, old Tavares sweaters, literally anything that shows any representation of JT.  If the game is close, you’ll just hear a lot of booing.  If the Islanders are down big time, it’s time for extra security.  There is nothing scarier than a jilted fanbase who are already pissed off getting blown out at home against their most hated rival.  It’s a recipe for disaster, and I hope and pray that won’t happen.

As mentioned before, Islander fans are some of the most passionate in the world.  I previously wrote a piece on how the Toronto media doesn’t understand how Isles fans work and how they’re being pretentious about the Islanders in general.  If Tavares wouldn’t have left, he would be the only player on the team they even knew.  They know nothing about the fans, the passion, and the players on this island.

Islander fans, I hope you read this and see that although you more than deserve to boo Tavares, that you shouldn’t do anything to detriment the team or cause a riot.  At the end of the day Tavares made his decision and the Islanders are still in first place in the Metro.  It may have been a rough go but the wounds have healed at least a little bit and you can be proud of your first place hockey team.  Give him hell tonight and if the Islanders win celebrate well into the night.  If they lose, move on and focus on tomorrow night’s game against the Capitals.  It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  Let’s not make it a Malice at the Palace situation.

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