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Get ready folks, the ‘WarGames’ match is making it’s return at NXT TakeOver: Houston

One of WCW’s signature matches will be making it’s return the day before Survivor Series

A few weeks ago, it was reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet that WWE was looking to bring old WCW events / matches back into the fold. That was confirmed when they turned a simple house show in November into Starrcade. It looks like they aren’t done.

Did you think Starrcade was a big surprise? Well then, you haven’t seen anything yet.

At a recent TV taping for WWE NXT, it was announced that the WarGames match will be making it’s grand return. A match between NXT’s top talent will take place at NXT TakeOver: Houston on November 18th, the day before Survivor Series. The Wrestling Observer’s JJ Williams was the first to break the news to fans all over the world.


For those unfamiliar with WarGames, I highly recommend giving the matches a look on the WWE Network. Don’t forget, you only have to pay $9.99. The match was created by the legendary Dusty Rhodes in 1987 in the old NWA after watching a Mad Max film. It was intended for the Four Horsemen since they always thought they had the numbers game against their opponents. The match became a WCW tradition at their Fall Brawl PPV in 1993.

The rules of the match are very interesting to say the least. Originally, two or three teams of four+ would face off in a steel cage match. There will be a change to the rule since each team announced has three members in it. The best part about the match is that there are two rings next to one another with a huge cage surrounding both. After five minutes of one-on-one battle, a coin flip determines which team member comes out next. Every two minutes a new member comes out until the last participant enters.

After all of that, it turns into “The Match Beyond”. A war is fought to determine the ultimate winner. There are no pinfalls or disqualifications, and the only way to win is via submission, KO or a verbal surrender. That would lead to some bloody brawls in the days of the NWA and WCW, especially when Ric Flair was involved.

The talent in this match ensure this will be nothing short of spectacular. Undisputed (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly) have impressed since debuting in NXT. Their experience in the indies can help make this a creative (and possibly bloody) affair. The Authors of Pain are main roster-bound, but that won’t stop them from causing a severe amount of pain. Adding Roderick Strong, who has had some great matches recently, to their team will be fascinating to see. Will he turn on his team and join Undisputed? Finally, Sanity, led by Eric Young, were bred for this match. It will be interesting to see if each teams “fourth member” (Paul Ellering, Nikki Cross and Taynara Conti) will interfere in any way.

Of course, things will be different in today’s day and age, especially because WWE is PG. The fact that NXT is having the match however does change things. The brand Triple H has built into what it is today has been known to go above and beyond what the main roster generally does.

As is the norm with TakeOver shows, the main roster may have a tough time competing with them. After this announcement, expectations are high. You just know the talent involved are going to try and blow the roof off the place. At the end of the day, this may end up being the best TakeOver ever. A war is coming, are you ready?


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