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Gritty If You’re Reading This, We’re Sorry

Weeks prior, I had written a contravening article speaking for myself and ultimately the entire nation on the Philadelphia Flyers’ new, “nightmare-fueled” mascot, Gritty. The extent to which I believed that unfavorably describing Gritty as “satanic,” and an “unwell Muppet” would persist throughout his maniacal mascot career was highly inaccurate. In fact, the 180 took place about ten hours later at what would probably be the most notorious mascot debut in NHL history.

His inaugural appearance began with an evident lack of presumably the one desired competency an ice hockey team would ask for on a mascot application. You know, the ability to ice skate.

Only to be followed by the arbitrary and violent misuse of the T-shirt cannon.

The uproar of boo’s that filled Wells Fargo on September 24th was easily the most misleading reaction Flyers’ fans could give the uncoordinated mascot.

The ludicrous antics had certainly not diminished following opening night. Since Gritty clearly couldn’t skate, apparently dangling him 30 feet in the air was the wiser and more qualified choice of entrance.

Like the rest of the nation, I was quick to react. I now love Gritty. The ingenious idea of this horrifying yet viral sensation of a mascot is actually a corporate guerrilla marketing campaign, and is working brilliantly. Maybe this is what Philly needed in lieu of a successful Eagles season, and we are all here for it. Even if it may eventually go too far soon enough.

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