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Jet Up – Do the Jets have a legitimate shot against the Patriots?

The New York Jets shocked the world last Sunday with the 24-22 defeat of the Dallas Cowboys. The defense was all over Dak Prescott and the offense was guided by Sam Darnold, who connected with Robbie Anderson on a 92 yard touchdown before the half and who looked poised and confident in the pocket.

The Cowboys are a good team, but they aren’t the New England Patriots. The Jets will have to play a perfect game against the Pats to win. They don’t have the defense the Pats do and will need to do these three things to keep it close;

Do not turn the ball over

Part of the Jets’ success last week was the ability to not turn the ball over. Other than a miscommunication that turned into an interception, Sam Darnold took good care of the ball and the Jets only turned the ball over once.

If the Jets are going to keep it close, they absolutely cannot lose the turnover battle. Even more specifically, they can’t turn the ball over at all. The Patriots have been known to take advantage of every mistake, especially on special teams. If the Patriots find a way to pick off Sam Darnold or run a blocked punt back for a touchdown, it’s going to be a long night.

Get Le’Veon Bell going early

Another key to a Jets’ victory is the involvement of Le’Veon Bell. Bell has been good but still hasn’t had that marquee game that we’re used to seeing. He was the bell cow for the Steelers for many years, and part of the reason why he left was him wanting to be paid fairly for his use.

Bell has been used a lot by the Jets but he hasn’t really broken out yet. Most of that is because with Luke Falk at quarterback Bell had nine and ten man boxes against him, but he still needs to get going. If Bell can have a 100-yard day, the Jets will be in good shape.

Sack Tom Brady

Yes it’s always easier said than done, but with Josh Gordon out and the Patriots’ offense looking a little anemic, the Jets will have to pressure and sack Tom Brady early and often. The only real way to beat Brady is to get in his face, which is rarely done.

If the Jets can force Brady into uncomfortable situations and long third downs, they’ll have a shot. If Brady has time and is able to pick apart the Jets defense, the Jets will be down early and often.

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